The Trial Of Jack McCall

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The Trial Of Jack McCall

Back at the hotel, Trixie has come to introduce herself and help Mrs. Garret with the little girl. She smiles at the child and turns to Mrs. G, saying that she's sorry about her husband. The all-in-black Mrs. G gives a curt nod, and says that she was under the impression Trixie was "hurt." Which is weird, because Trixie still has bruises covering half of her face, so she is in fact hurt, but Mrs. G goes on to explain that E.B. had told her that the woman coming "had some sort of physical liability." Trixie gets it -- Mrs. G was expecting "the gimp." Trixie: "Oh, I'm not her," she says. "She's lovely, though, Jewel." Trixie asks if she can bathe the little girl, and Mrs. G says yes, but tells her that the child does not speak English. Trixie smiles. "I'm Trixie," she tells the girl. "Trixie."

Al is meeting with the judge in the privacy of his office. "You want a blow job while I talk to you?" Al asks, pouring whiskey for them both. The judge says no, prompting Al to clarify that he wasn't offering to give him one personally. Al tells that judge that before a guilty verdict could ever be rendered on McCall, someone would come in and slit his throat, "and within half an hour those celestial's little pigs would be on their backs, with their hooves in the air, belching up human remains." Al really missed his calling as a children's book writer, huh? The judge wonders if Al would himself order McCall's murder, but plays coy. "I'm saying," he says, "that I had a vision it would happen. My second of the day." His first vision, he says, came when watching all the lawyers line up in the morning -- "they began to slither in my sight, like vipers. So as not to puke, I had to close my eyes..." Al says the vision went on and got worse. "I saw the vipers in the big nest, in Washington," he says, and tells how the big vipers heard about the trial and thought Deadwood was setting up their own laws, and thus planned to "swallow us up and every fucking thing we gain here." He takes a swig of whiskey while the judge, looking pained, stares straight ahead. "It was horrible," Al continues. "How could we let the vipers in the big nest know that we didn't want to cause any fucking trouble?" The judge asks if after all this about vipers was when Al had his second vision, about McCall getting his throat cut. "Yeah," Al says, "but who wants all the blood, Judge? Huh?" Al asks pointedly if there isn't a way of not pissing off the "big vipers." The judge thinks, takes a shot, and goes back to the trial. Meanwhile, Bullock is staring gloomily at the ground outside his hardware place. Sol wonders how the trial is going, and says the men of Deadwood should have taken McCall into the territory's boundaries to be tried there. "Hang 'im here," he says, "and they'll be opening a can of worms." After a pause, he comments that it's really all a can of worms, and Bullock agrees. The Rev comes up at this moment to ask for help with Bill's body.

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