The Trial Of Jack McCall

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The Trial Of Jack McCall

Waiting on the trial to resume, Dan asks Al if he and the judge had a good talk. "We'll see," Al says, and Dan points out a dude on the jury who he knows for a fact hated Hickok and said he deserved to die. Al is pleased to hear this -- if the jurors declare McCall innocent, this can all go away, which is what he wants. The prognosis looks good for this as the judge calls the court back into session and immediately declares that, because the camp is part of no state or nation, they really don't have the law to decide the case. From his table in the back, Merrick starts to look worried. "How, then, are you to decide it?" the judge continues. He says that they must rely on common custom -- it's not in dispute that McCall killed Hickok, but if the jury believes that McCall killed for revenge, then "custom dictates that you excuse him." Now Merrick looks really worried. "The jury will now retire to the whores' rooms," the judge says, "and begin their deliberations." Al seems satisfied with this, and orders Dan to open the bar and "get the girls fucking 'til the jury comes back." Well, you know, Al's a businessman. If the jury's going to use the downstairs room to screw justice, the customers might as well use the upstairs rooms to do some screwing, as well.

Out in the clearing, Andy is still begging God to take him. "I hurt so much now," he says, as Jane comes out of the woods and finds him there. She's drunk as a monk and, looking down on him, says he's one sick fucking customer. Andy's out of it, continually apologizing to God, asking for forgiveness. "Don't apologize to me," Jane slurs, "I don't even fuckin' know you." She may be boozed up, but she's not rude, and offers her crazy, half-dead new friend a drink of whiskey. "No lippin' the bottle," she says, "but I got a pretty steady pouring hand." In his stupor, Andy can't quit apologizing, and can't take a drink. "Hey," Jane says. "My best friend died. The man I had my best friend-feeling about in the world." Aw, Jane. I have to pause here to keep from crying, because something about that just kills me. "Took you as he found you," she continues about Bill. "Thought the best of you. Sweet to me." She chokes up as Andy apologizes yet again. It occurs to her that maybe what the sick man needs is water, and says she'll go and get him some from the creek. "But if you don't stop apologizin'," she says, "I'm not gonna give you a goddamn drop." Andy can't stop, though, and moans out another, receiving a "SHUT THE FUCK UP" from Jane. A little-known fact of history is that Florence Nightingale was exactly the same way. Back in Mrs. G's room, Trixie has bathed and dressed the little girl while Mrs. G looks on, sweaty and nervous and having the shakes. "Are you poorly?" Trixie asks, showing that she knows that Mrs. G is coming off the laudanum. "Are you afraid?" she asks, and Mrs. Garret says yes, she is. "I was awful afraid when I was stopping," Trixie says. "First I was afraid I was gonna die, and then I was afraid I wasn't. And then one day I woke up, free." Mrs. G is hurting bad and kind of crying about it.

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