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With Edith tagging along, Mary and Branson are coming to see Drewe. After last episode's near-fiasco with the pigs -- who are currently running around them every which way -- he's taken on the role of Acting Pig-Man. After they greet Drewe and hear a bit about his qualifications for Edith's benefit, Branson and Mary exchange a look before the former offers to make the position permanent. Drewe's like, "Well, managing my own farm in addition to the pigs will be a lot of work, but not too much for someone of my hearty stock." Mary suggests they at least check it out, and Drewe's grateful for yet another bit of consideration he's getting from the Crawley family before saying he hopes to pay the favor back one day, and Edith's like, "OH YOU DON'T SAY." Edith, what if the pigs steal your child and raise him or her as their own? It has happened!

The Dowager Countess is reading in her sitting room when Isobel knocks and enters with an "It's only me," to which the Dowager Countess replies, "I always feel that greeting betrays such a lack of self-worth." Perhaps a bit much for an opening line, but: (a) she has a point, and (b) although she's on the mend, she's still not recovered. Hearing about the Dowager Countess's stir-craziness, Isobel suggests they walk to the Abbey that afternoon so they can hear all about Lord Grantham's adventures in America. When she goes on about the Teapot Dome Scandal, the Dowager Countess proves herself more up on current events in America than I would have guessed by stating, "What is it always about? Bribery and corruption. Taking money to allow private companies to drill for oil on government land." Isobel asks if Harold has one of the companies in question, to which the answer is "probably," and when Isobel asks if the Dowager Countess has ever met him, she tells her she did once, at her son's wedding to Cora. "And once was quite enough," she says. But given that none of us actually witnessed that, milady, surely you wouldn't begrudge us an encore?

Rose is on the phone making plans for "such a lovely day" in the future. She then gets off when Cora appears and tells her she's going to have to help out with "the bazaar," which she adds just sneaked up on her. Rose, looking a bit terrified, asks if Lord Grantham doesn't usually do it, and Cora's like, well exactly. "Half the village hates the other half and he's the only one who can stop them tearing each other's throats out." Well, Rose, welcome to the dark side of being "in charge of fun."

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