Truth & Consequences

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Truth & Consequences

Thanks to Coco, opal, Wing Chun, and Stedman's Medical Dictionary.

Previously on ER, Kerry thinks Hawkeye "seems to be settling in"; Hawkeye chews out Dr. Dave; Corday encourages Elaine after her mastectomy; St. Carol gets on Meg's case about smoking during pregnancy; Hawkeye busts on Lucy for questioning his orders; Jeanie gets to take Carlos home; Hawkeye wigs on a patient's father and Mark tries to calm him down.

Morning. Dave "Petit" Malucci purposely tries to run over Mark "Lame Doc" Greene on his bicycle. Mark gives Dave grief for not wearing a helmet, and Dave says he's "been hit three times, nothing worse than road rash." A pity, that. Dave changes the subject: "Have you always been at County?" Mark says a bit ruefully that yes, he has, going on ten years. Dave says that guys who "kill their whole families don't get ten years," and Mark says defensively, "It's not a prison, Dave." Dave does a snotty sideways move with his head and says he doesn't know about that -- "Dr. Weaver sure acts like a warden." He adds, in that compassionate and mannerly way we've all come to love over the past few episodes, "Hey, what's with the leg? She lay her Harley down in traffic or something?" Mark says pointedly that he doesn't know, he never asked her. Dave shrugs, then offers Mark a lift the rest of the way to the ER; Mark declines, saying he hasn't ridden double since the age of eight, when his bike had "a sissy bar and a banana seat," and Dave says, "What?" and Mark grumbles, "Forget it, before your time. Thanks anyway." I think the writers meant this as foreshadowing of some sort, but if so, it fails. Dave mounts his bike and says, "See you in the trenches," and he pedals away; immediately afterwards, we hear a horn honking and some guy yelling, "Watch out!" I tire of you, Dave. Go away from me, and go in silence.

Awww. Cut to Carlos, a.k.a. The Cutest Baby In The History Of Primetime Drama, and Jeanie "Peek-a" Boulet waving a rattle over his head and cooing at him. Reggie rushes in late and apologizes, and Jeanie says, "Daddy's home," and they have a cute little "bye-mommy" moment before Jeanie leaves for work, and Reggie pretends to be Carlos and says in a high voice, "Daddy and I are gonna watch some ESPN," and Jeanie giggles. She gets ready to go, and then she nags Reggie about the meds schedule and wearing gloves to change the baby, and Reggie tells her not to worry, he knows all that stuff, and Jeanie says, "Okay. Love you." Reggie says, "Love you too. Have a good day." Oh, man -- do they have to leave the show?

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