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When it Rains It Pours
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Another week, another insanely good episode, another SEASON RENEWAL YAY!!!

The Collette women and Billy are roaming around what looks like a Sears or J.C. Penney, registering for Mindy's and Billy's wedding. Mindy spies a sangria set, wants it, makes Tyra scan it. Billy says he's heading over to Automotive to see if he can register for a leaf blower; Tyra thinks that sounds like a great idea and tries to hand the scanner off to him, but Billy evades the scanner like he's a secret Communist. Tyra's mom wants to know why Tyra is so testy, it seems like Angela's the only one excited for Mindy's wedding. Tyra confesses she's worried about her S.A.T scores. Angela sort of uselessly tries to assure her daughter that everything will be okay since she's been working so hard. Mindy calls them back to the task at hand, and then demands Tyra tell her what the bridal shower plans are. Tyra's called all her girlfriends and Seven Senoritas. Mindy jumps in and says they can't go to Seven Senoritas, they always go there, she wants something special. Tyra cracks that it will be special when her girlfriends buy her new thongs to replace all her old ones. Oh, old thongs. That's ludicrous. (Ba dum dum). Mindy brainstorms, by basically looking around her and settling on the first thing her eyes land on -- she wants "a tea" because she is standing right in front of a tea set. Angela thinks that sounds square, Mindy pleads that it's not square, it's "classy." Tyra snarks about her sister not having any class, but Mindy just tells her that her bridal shower is going to be a tea. "Make that happen." Billy comes running back holding a leaf blower and tells the ladies to check him out. The camera pulls back and we see Billy holding the leaf blower engine down by his hips, the four foot tube extending and pointing up right on up into Mindy's tea party.

Football field. Madison hangs out by the fence watching J.D. hit receiver after receiver. Coach gives the boys five, and J.D. runs over to talk to Madison. She juts her chin out and tells him that he looks pretty hot out there. J.D., goofball, confirms that, "yeah, it is pretty warm out there." Coach notices what's happening and sends Wade over to get Romeo back over to practice. Wade apologizes to the "little lady" and drags J.D. away. Coach catches J.D.'s eye and tells him: "On your own time. This is my time." J.D. apologizes and that's how a normal man deals with a boy who's getting a little too hot under the waistband.

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Friday Night Lights




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