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When it Rains It Pours

Commercials. Lyla and Tim arrive back at The Playgirl Ranch. Tim is pumped about how awesome the game was; Lyla wonders why he isn't going out to any parties tonight. Tim says that the real parties happen when they WIN State. And then also, he says, as he sinks into the couch with a beer, he kinda likes "hangin' with my gal." And here is where the critical part of my brain CHECKS OUT. I don't care if it is unbelievable, or if it's corny, or if it's dumb: I LOVE IT. Tim tells Lyla that she's not having a lot of fun over there; Lyla tries to deny it, but Tim tells her that she's been pretty down recently. Lyla says that she doesn't know what she was thinking, that she would move in there and all her problems would be solved? Tim sits up a bit and tells her that he's not there to solve her problems, but that he's there to support her no matter what choices she makes. He acknowledges that her dad threw her a curve ball, but that the self-pity has to stop. She's better than that. He thinks that she can get into any college she wants. She points out she can't afford it, and he tells her there's scholarships, and then if that doesn't work, "San Antonio State and I would love to have you." Lyla looks thankful and then Tim asks, "Did I just say I loved you?" Lyla shakes her head no, and so just in case the folks in the back didn't get it, Timmy brings this scene home by declaring, "Cuz I'm kinda madly in love with you. And I'll be here for you no matter what." Lyla tells Tim that she loves him, too, and they start making out.

Over at the Taylors, Katie looks a mess. I applaud Janine Turner. I feel like she is kind of making this role into something bigger than originally intended. She whispers to Tami that "he" just pushed J.D. so hard. I like how he's a "he" now. Tami tries to comfort her, but Katie can't get over that "he" hit her baby. She doesn't know what to do; Tami tells her that she's not going to do anything right now. Just drink her tea and leave it be for right now. Outside, Coach talks to J.D. who is full of sweet teen platitudes, "Nothing I do is ever good enough. I can't take it anymore!" Coach quietly tells J.D. that he understands. J.D. says he doesn't want to see his father again, he doesn't want to go back to the house, he hates it. Coach tells J.D. that they aren't going to do anything about anything tonight, that he and his mom will have to figure something out but not tonight. J.D. warbles, "Is it my fault or something?" and Coach quickly tells the kid that what Joe did was wrong, "That's just wrong. Whether it's your father or not." Coach assures J.D. that it'll work out, but nobody seems very convinced by that.

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