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When it Rains It Pours

The bridal shower has wound down, Billy is sashaying around wearing a red satin bustier that (presumably) Mindy received as a gift. They slap asses and yeehaw out the door, leaving Angela and Tyra in afterstripperparty mayhem. Angela's wearing a sweet lowcut apron over her lowcut dress, and sighing over somebody just sticking their gum right on the table. She looks up and notices that Tyra is teary, and goes over to her. Tyra, crying, asks her mom, why she can't just "want that" -- gesturing toward the door Mindy and Billy just walked out of. She says that "they" just seem so happy, whereas here she is, wanting and trying to go to college, and having it seem more and more impossible. Angela grabs her daughter's hand and says that she wants to tell her something. She says that she loves Mindy; she was her first baby and she was always so funny and darling. "But, you know, she has never surprised me, not one day in her life, bless her heart. But you? You surprise me, honey." Oh, this is so good. Angela is not a good mom, and this is not a redemption scene. This is a character showing us that she pays attention, she knows who her daughter is, and she loves her. But we all know that love actually isn't really "enough" when it comes to raising kids -- which is why this scene plays very true and really does a nice job reaching in and pulling Angela out of the stock character bin. She tells Tyra that she is "a wonder," she has no idea what's going to happen for her, but she does know, that "you are going to have everything you are dreaming of. You are going to get everything you are reaching for. And I want you to keep going, keep reaching." They're both dissolved in tears, and we end on the two Collette women hugging and saying, "I love you."Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Friday Night Lights




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