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When it Rains It Pours

Lyla and Billy are playing some kind of race car video game (and I wish I could tell you what they are playing, but I have HIGH HEELS in my closet). Lyla wins amidst much screeching. Mindy is psyched, she declares that she used to think Lyla was prissy, but it turns out she's kind of fun. Billy says he wants a rematch, and Lyla takes a swig of beer and slurs, "You can havearematch" and then asks for another beer. Tim gets a little judgey, stands up and declares he's turning in. Lyla says she's not coming, and then says "G'night Grampa." She and Billy start playing again, Billy sort of sits on her and Lyla cackles and drunks, "Yooouu can't wiinnn" and I don't care what anyone says LYLA FOREVER, SHE IS SO AWESOME!!!!!

Credits. Morning at the Taylor house. Tami is going over some papers to do with a redistricting proposal to be discussed at a meeting that night. Coach says they bring it up every year, it never happens. He wants to know where the cream is. Tami thinks people are really fed up and the redistricting might really happen this time; it's the only way they'll get any money from the state. Coach says it would just cause confusion, and people don't like the confusion. Cream? He asks again and Tami tells him that they're out, but he can have a sip of her coffee, "It's real good."

The Playgirl Ranch. Tim tries to wake Lyla up: "A'right Beer Wolf." He climbs on top of her and tells her that she has to get up now for school. She moans that she's not going. Tim suggests he stay home too: "You won't get much sleep, though." Whoa. Can make Teen Wolf jokes AND be virile? Very impressive. He tells Lyla that the train is leaving; when she doesn't even respond, laying like a lump under the covers, Tim looks concerned and a bit confused.

Grocery store. Tyra's on her cell phone, her cart piled high with crap, assuring Mindy that she's getting everything she needs for the shower. She grabs a cucumber, and a whole bunch tumble to the floor, she hangs up the phone. Landry appears and walks over to her, joking that security has asked him to escort her from the premises. Tyra laughs -- and she is just so often NOT believable as a teenager, this laugh is totally adult in some weird way -- and explains to Landry that she's planning the bridal shower from hell. Tyra asks Landry how he's doing, in a kind of forced way, like she just remembered she was supposed to ask him about himself. Landry says that the bar asked Crucifictorious back for another gig, and suddenly Tyra kind of looks like a teen again; she listens to Landry and says she's happy for him and the band. Tyra starts to end the conversation, without asking Landry for anything for once. But she is obviously a Foucauldian mastermind, because she doesn't actually need to exercise her power in order to get things: she produces desires in other people to fulfill her needs for them. When Tyra says she needs to learn how to make scones, Landry says that his mom has a recipe, that maybe she could use. Tyra asks him if that was, like, an offer of help, and Landry realizes that it was. Tyra breathes a sigh of relief and tells him that would be awesome.

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Friday Night Lights




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