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When it Rains It Pours

McCoy household. Joe gets off the phone with Wade, who's told him that J.D. hasn't been giving his all in practice. Katie doesn't believe it, but Joe, two notches south of "livid" says that she's better believe it, because J.D. is being distracted by a "fifteen year old minx named Madison. That girl is a plague." Katie's like "Oh, please." Joe can't believe that Katie doesn't think its a big deal that J.D. snuck out the other night; Katie says she does think it's a big deal, but that she doesn't think it's worth totally freaking out over. She hisses that her husband needs to "back off." J.D. walks in and teens around a bit -- ignores his mom, goes to the fridge. His dad asks him how practice was, and J.D. says it was fine: "Practice was practice. I've got it under control." Then J.D. asks his mom what's for dinner and she tells him turkey burgers. J.D. gets all bright-eyed and dorkily over-excited about this and then heads upstairs to do some homework. This poor kid. Joe sashays past Katie, repeating what J.D. said sarcastically, "He's got it all under control. 'It's all good.'" Katie's eyes are wide with foreshadowing.

Matt and Shelby put Grandma into the backseat of the car. The ladies are going to the market, and there's lots of chatter coming from Grandma. She doesn't want to go right now, she's missing a life makeover on Oprah! Grandma, the great thing about life makeovers is they are never over, they are constantly in need of redoing. It's sort of the point. Shelby starts to back up the car, but as she does, Grandma suddenly gets panicked and confused, wondering where her purse is. Before Shelby can bring the car to a full stop, Grandma has opened the door to the moving car to go get her purse, and pitches onto the ground. She cries out in pain, Shelby and Matt run to her. Matt tries to comfort his grandmother, she cries -- and it is clearly as much as in confusion as in physical pain. Which gets directly to the heart of senility or Alzheimer's, that terrible stretch of it when the person afflicted fades in and out, and feels the strain of that fading in and out.

Commercials. Hospital. The doctor comes out to talk to Matt. He tells him that his grandmother is fine, with mainly just some scrapes and bruises. But that isn't really the issue, he notes. Her mental health is really deteriorating. The doctor reminds Matt that they've discussed other living arrangements for Lorraine. Shelby jumps in and asks the doctor what he means, exactly. The doctor says that Lorraine needs twenty-four hour care. Shelby is a little slow here, wanting to clarify that he's saying they should be looking into assisted living facilities for Grandma. Matt snaps awake and shouts at his mom that they aren't looking for anything, that just because Grandma fell out of a car, "That YOU were driving" doesn't mean she needs twenty-four hour care, it means "YOU need to pay better attention." Shelby tries to diffuse the situation a bit, but suggests to Matt that they consider what the doctor is saying. Matt plays the You Abandoned Me card and suggests that if Shelby wants to bail she can go back to Oklahoma. "Right now, Grandma has a home, and I'm taking her to it."

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Friday Night Lights




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