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When it Rains It Pours

Buddy pulls his truck up to the school and calls Tim Riggins over to the car. "We need to have a little man-to-man." Tim gets in, and then cut to Buddy's truck slowing down on an empty side road. Is Buddy going to murder Tim Riggins? Just when the storylines were all so solid, are we going down the murder road again? Tim is prattling about State until Buddy tells him that he knows they're not there to talk about football. Buddy asks how Lyla is doing, and Tim tells him that she's hanging in there. Buddy confesses that he doesn't know what to do, that he needs to get Lyla back, can't stand that he's hurt her, and misses her so much. Tim tells the vulnerable man that he knows Lyla misses him, too. Buddy allows a note of hope into his voice, and it is super sad to hear: "You know that? She said that?" Tim lies and says that she did. I mean, maybe she has, off screen, but Lyla has not done anything recently that I've seen to indicate that she is ready to say she misses him. Tim tells Buddy that he needs to give Lyla more time. Tim has apparently been going to night school for a degree in Life, because he is TELLING US ALL HOW IT IS recently. Buddy pauses and then says (I shit you not, this is literally what he says): "That's good, Tim Riggins. That's good advice. You're a good man."

School meeting. A pant-suited lady explains the redistricting proposal. They would divide the community using Collier Avenue -- a straight north-south road through the middle of Dillon. Once divided, the two schools would have capped class sizes and more per-student funding and all that jazz. Question and answer time; lots of Waiting for Guffman style "hububhububhubbub" noise-making from the crowd. People are concerned. Most concerned, though, is Coach and one of his assistant coaches, standing in the back: "What's this mean for the team?" Indeed. A very fancy lady in a silky shiny shirt stands up -- she's PTA President -- and asks Tami what her opinion, as principal, is. Tami stands up and stutters a bit about how it's a complicated issue. She gets her voice a bit as she expresses her real opinion -- that it does look like in order to get any state money, they need to consider the redistricting plan. Cut to Coach and Tami walking to their car afterward. Coach asking his wife whether she realizes that half his team lives east of Collier Avenue. Tami simply responds: "Mmmm hmmm." Coach mutters about how redistricting would mean those players would be playing for the East Dillon "giraffes or whatever they'll call themselves." Tami: "I know." Coach opens the door for his wife, who just exhales, nods, and looks at him and says again, "I know."

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