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When it Rains It Pours

Lyla lets herself into the condo; Buddy isn't there. She gathers some more clothes, and then goes through the mail. There's a letter from Vanderbilt. You can't read the expression on her face quite straight; Buddy walks in and keeps his excitement at seeing her in check. He asks if they can talk, and Lyla looks at him sternly and says they can start with him congratulating her for getting into Vanderbilt. He does, but she follows it up with a whining, "Too bad I can't go" and then storms back out of the door. C'mon, Beer Wolf, seriously. They're called student loans. Get some and then get a work study position. Quit being quite so dramatic. God.

Commercials. Madison finds J.D. in the library. She flirtily tells him that his father called her parents last night. J.D. is immediately, earnestly concerned. But Madison just continues on, powered by the emptiness of her soul, lightly telling him that basically Joe McCoy told her parents that she was a slut. She's not worried though, she's not, like, in trouble or anything. She wonders if J.D. thinks she's a bad influence, too; he just tells her that she's amazing. She smiles through the whole thing, and then throws her arms around his neck and kisses him. She's not mad, she's amazing, right? Oh, Madison.

Tyra and Landry load rental chairs into the back of Tyra's pick-up. Landry is wondering why Mindy thinks it's a good idea to have a party outside in December. Tyra's phone rings, she answers, it's clearly Mindy micro-managing. Landry grabs the phone from Tyra -- because Tyra has NOT been going to school to get a degree in Life and she can't even handle a crazy stripper bride (well, I guess when you put it that way, maybe she is doing the best she can). Landry greets Mindy and then deadpans, "Landry. Landry Clark? Yes, you do, you know exactly who that is, that's not funny." He tells her that they've got it under control and then hangs up the phone. Landry Clark to the Rescue!

Applebees. The boosters are crowded around a table with a map, working hard on a project. It's all very "Chuck! Order in some Chinese!!!!" Except they're at Applebees. So they just order a bunch of failure piles in sadness bowls. Basically what they're doing is figuring out which football players live where, and trying to gerrymander the districts to keep the Panthers together. As becomes clear, they're not only considering kids on the team currently, but boys coming up through, like, Pop Warner. Joe McCoy sits at the head of the table presiding over it all. Coach comes in and talks to Buddy, who explains that he need not worry about the gerrymandering, everyone -- even the superintendent -- is on the same page, and will do whatever it takes to keep the team together. A waitress brings over another pitcher of beer, announcing that here's the beer Buddy ordered. Joe yells down from the end of the table that she might want to run his card, he heard Buddy's last tab was a doozy. Buddy comes right back at him, joking that that was the most expensive lap dance he's ever had. Everyone guffaws, but the look on Buddy's face is one of the reasons we watch this show; there's a whole other layer to what's going on than the dialogue. Buddy may be putting on the (red) face of a Man's Man right now, but his heart hurts, he can't joke about what he did because it's fucked his whole life up right now. For his part, Joe McCoy looks over the tops of his reading glasses, seemingly realizing that, despite his jolly ol' boy response, Buddy is not in the mood to joke about it, and also understanding that Joe has him in his power because of that.

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