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When it Rains It Pours

Coach and Buddy are on Buddy's car lot for some reason. Buddy shows Coach a car he's been trying to sell for eighteen months, but that won't move off the lot. Coach interrupts Buddy and tells him that he doesn't like what's going on with the Boosters and redistricting. Buddy tells him not to worry about it; Coach says he doesn't want to NOT worry about it. Buddy tells Coach that this is all a lot bigger than Coach, this is about the Dillon Panthers. No one is going to stand by and watch the Panthers get dismantled. So if Coach doesn't want to know: don't ask. I have to confess that I don't totally get what the big deal is about gerrymandering the district is. Obviously, it has a distasteful quality about it, but what, exactly, is the big deal about keeping the team (in its current and 5-years-down-the-road manifestation) together?

Tim has taken Lyla to church. Just like on American Idol. It's her family's old church. They go into the sanctuary to sit down; the choir is practicing Christmas carols (because the episode did originally air in the winter). Lyla thinks Buddy put Tim up to this; he denies it. Lyla is not feeling the spirit; Tim says he just thought it might cheer her up. Lyla gets up and storms back out; out in the hallway, Tim catches up to her, and Lyla turns to him and gives us a bit of a smarmy performance. She wonders -- with head shaking preciousness -- what she's doing there, in Dillon. Why did she let her family go? Now she's all alone, and she has no family. Tim quietly tells her that she does have family, she does, and then wraps his arms around her.

Commercials. Landry and Tyra set up white tables and chairs out on the back porch. They lay out place cards that read "Kandy" and Sugar" and "Charm." Landry mutters that these cannot be these women's real names. A wind kicks up suddenly, and within five seconds, it's lightening. They scramble to get all the stuff inside as it starts pouring. Cut inside, where all the tables are set up in the living room. Landry's stayed just long enough to see all the strippers arrive, and then takes his leave, Tyra telling him thank you for all his help. Cut to a bit later, the bridal tea lubricated, apparently, with plenty of whiskey going into those porcelain cups. Mindy's opening her presents which are all lingerie and sex costume related. These ladies are smart; they can probably write these gifts off on their taxes. Mindy decides to make a toast; she tells all her friends that they are the best, and then turns to Tyra, puts on a baby voice, and tells her that even though Tyra is the baby sister, she's always looked up to her. Everyone "awwwws" in unison, and Mindy goes over to her sister and whimpers, "I love you, Ty Ty!" Mindy then tells Tyra that maybe if she's lucky, one day she'll find a man almost as hot as Billy Riggins. This one liner gets all the ladies screaming, and we cut to bridal shower stripper dance party, full of whiskey being poured into cups, and various lingerie gifts draped around girls' heads and such. Tyra just sort of looks on in bemusement.

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