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When it Rains It Pours

Pouring rain, night time. The McCoys pull up in their S.U.V. outside the locker room. Joe is lecturing an only half-paying-attention J.D. about playing in the rain. Joe instructs J.D. that he needs to focus on ball control; basically demanding that J.D. keep the ball on the ground tonight. J.D. is like okay, okay, I get it. Katie tries to diffuse the tension by brightly telling Joe that they get it, when it rains the ball gets slippery. Joe dismisses her with a laugh, and then repeats himself ten more times to his son before J.D. gets out of the car.

Slammin Sammy Mead declares, once again, that this is a real "Texas toad strangler", and it is seriously coming down out there. Coach is at the center of his players just before the game start and he hoarsely shouts at them that this is what they've been waiting for -- this is the semi-final game, the last game before they go to State -- and that this is a beautiful night for football. And, we all must recall how much Coach loves playing football in the rain. He sends his boys out onto the field all fired up, and we cut to the second quarter. It's sloppy on the field, the ball keeps popping out of hands. J.D. takes a snap and launches the ball into the air, a beautiful pass to Matt who catches it inside the ten. Everyone cheers, except Joe McCoy in the stands pissily noting that J.D. just got lucky. Tim Riggins runs the ball into the endzone, and the game is tied.

Next play, J.D. launches another long pass, but this time it's intercepted... and for a touchdown by West Cambria. Cut to the stands where some strange guy is shouting about how you don't throw in this mess, keep it on the ground, take the running lanes. Joe McCoy notices this man expressing his own rage at his son, and then starts yelling at his son down on the field to use his head. But down on the field, J.D. has a way better daddy. Coach calls him over and tells J.D. that they're sticking with their plan. "We're down by seven. Game hadn't even started yet!" He tells J.D. to protect the ball, keep his head up, and, importantly, have some fun out there. "It's a beautiful night out here, son!" Up in the stands, Joe McCoy is stewing, Katie is telling him that J.D. is just doing what the Coach is telling him to do. Back on the field, another long pass that goes incomplete. Another sloppy play, J.D. fumbles, and West Cambria recovers. Folks in the stands boo. Next play, Tim Riggins launches through the offense to bust out the quarterback; he knocks the ball free, picks it up and runs for a touchdown. Panthers are down by one, and there's 33 seconds left on the clock. Coach? What're you going to do? Remember, now, you are on a television show. "GO FOR TWO!!!" Coach declares.

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Friday Night Lights




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