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When it Rains It Pours

Joe McCoy is pissed in the stands, he wants to go for the tie. J.D. takes the snap and gets in trouble, has to scramble, what'sgonnahappen what'sgonnahappen?!?! He scrambles some more and then passes the ball once again (even though Joe's in the stands shouting "run the ball!") and Tim Riggins catches it in the endzone. Panthers are going to State! In the stands, Katie celebrates, while Joe scowls.

Shelby waits for Matt to come out of the locker room. He approaches slowly, and dismisses her football game small talk. He tells her that he's sorry for what he said, and that she was right. "I don't know how to take care of Grandma anymore." She says they can figure it out. Matt tells her that he doesn't want her to leave; and Shelby says she was never going to anyway.

The Taylors make their way through a crowded Applebees. Cut to the McCoy S.U.V. J.D. is in the back, having a hilarious teen boy side of a conversation: "I know! It was cold! It was crazy. It was like playing on a slippery slide or something. What? You better stop or you're gonna get it!" Joe growls, "Get off the phone." J.D. ignores him. He repeats himself. J.D. ignores some more. Joe bursts out shouting, "HANG UP THE PHONE!" Katie gasps and tells him to relax, J.D. gets off the phone finally, eyes wide. They sit in silence.

Applebees. Tami tells Coach that she heard that the whole redistricting thing? They're changing the line so it zigzags all over. She wonders if he knows anything about that. Coach just tightly says, "Nnnn nnn." Tami exclaims some more, and says she thinks it's probably all about football.

Parking lot. The McCoys get out of the car, Katie pleasantly exclaiming over the Texas rainstorm. She and J.D. have their arms around each other under the umbrella. Joe tells his son to hold up, he wants to talk to him for a second. Joe tells J.D. that it was a pathetic display tonight. J.D. finally stands up for himself, incredulously asking "Pathetic display? I got us to State didn't I?" Joe gets in his face and tells him that he got lucky. The conversation escalates, Joe telling J.D. it's like he never played a day of football in his life. J.D. gets right back in his dad's face, telling him to go call Madison's parents again. Joe yells that he will, "boy," until that tramp stops coming around. J.D. tells his father to screw off, and that's what pushes the button. Joe grabs his son by the jacket and pushes him back toward the car. Cut inside where Tami has caught sight of what's happening in the parking lot. She tells Coach to look, and they both rush out there, Taylors to the rescue! Meanwhile, father-son pushing has turned into father-getting-his-son-on-the-ropes. Joe pushes J.D. back into the car and starts full on PUNCHING his son. Katie is screaming for him to stop stop stop, until Coach runs up and drags Joe off of J.D. J.D. looks at his dad with hurt in his eyes, Joe wanders off into the storm, Tami takes the women and children under her wing.

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Friday Night Lights




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