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Open, camera driving through town, fields and shacks and Slammin' Sammy on the radio. He's talking about Luke Cafferty being removed from West Dillon, Tami listens to callers complain about her while driving in to school. Cut to Coach getting coffee in the depressing East Dillon faculty lounge. Principal Levi is strangely sarcastic about Coach's win on Friday, though you can tell he's just using the sarcasm to keep his "tough talking cop" demeanor in tact. Coach mutters something about how pep rallies boost morale, Levi confirms that it won't cost him any money, and tells Coach to go ahead and plan a pep rally.

Matt and Julie are at the diner. Matt is sketching a hand (hands being, so far, the only thing he can draw that doesn't make his mentor puke) and asking Julie about her college applications. Julie remarks that Brown makes you handwrite your essay. Is that true? How "quirky" and "bohemian" of you, Brown. Matt awkwardly asks her about the final list of colleges to which she's applying. "Hmmm, UC Berkeley, UCSB, Brown, Amherst, umm, Mount Holyoke, NYU... UT Austin! Hook 'em horns." Matt is wondering where Dillon Community College is on that list.

Lions practice. After a flailing play, Vince and Luke get into it with each other. Coach calls them over and tells them to keep their personal crap off the field and quit letting everyone down. They "yes, sir" him and go back to practice. Next play, Luke tosses Vince the ball seemingly setting him up to get walloped by a tackle, which he does. Vince pops up and gets in Luke's face, Luke plays dumb, they flex on each other, the assistants try to keep them apart, on the sidelines Coach paces in exasperation when a sign on the fence catches his attention: East Dillon Lion Football 1983 State Champions.

Credits. Tim busts in the house holding two rifles. Mindy freaks out, or, well, uh, whines at him while continuing to stay seated eating potato chips. Tim asks Billy where the gun cleaner is, and Mindy realizes that they've got a hunting trip planned, which Billy has not told her about. Because being pregnant turns you into a huge black hole of selfishness, Mindy pretends like she's "okay" with them going hunting: "I'll just drive myself to the ultrasound appointment." Mindy! Pregnancy is not a disability! Billy tells her that he's going to stay to be at the ultrasound appointment because he can go hunting with Tim any time. Tim is like, not true! That's why they call it "hunting season!" Billy tells him to shut up and it looks like the Riggins' Gun Play Weekend is off. Deer are relieved, male and female audiences alike disappointed.

Lions practice. They're starting to look like a slightly-better-oiled machine, doing those little tiny-run-drop-to-the-ground exercises TV football players always do. They all head into the locker room where Luke finds that his wallet has gone missing. He tells all those "jokers" to tell him who has his wallet. Vince innocently suggests that he retrace his steps. Luke decides to retrace some steps right over into Vince's face, where he tells him to quit effing around and give him his wallet back. Vince challenges Luke to go ahead and get his wallet out of his locker if he's so sure that's where it is. Luke pauses and then launches toward the locker; Vince jumps up and they start grappling and groping. Oh, boys.

Cut to Vince and Luke, sheepish in Coach Taylor's office. Coach: "I've got a pep rally this week, I've got papers to grade, I've got a family to raise, I've got a wife to love, and then I've got you two bozos." Preach, Coach! Coach asks Luke what makes him so sure that Vince took the wallet. Luke: "It's obvious, Coach." Coach: "You're going to make a damn good lawyer." Coach asks Vince if he knows where the wallet is, and Vince says no. So Coach calls in Assistant Coach Crowley (?) to take the boys to the gym to run stairs for thirty minutes.

Matt is at work at Panther Pizza when Tim Riggins walks in. Tim: "Seven." Matt: "What's up!" Tim: "Slingin' dough rather than 60-yard bombs now, huh?" The team! Getting back together! But how sad, because what are these boys doing with their lives? And they aren't even boys, they totally seem like men, and isn't that a really sad thing sometimes? How boys become men? Also, as much as I like Matt Lauria and Michael B. Jordan and their characters, this right here is the team: Tim Riggins and Matt Saracen. They catch up, Matt tells Tim that he's not in Chicago so that he can take care of his grandmother, fills him in on his art stuff. Matt asks if Tim's going to watch any football this weekend and Tim tells him that he's going hunting, while tearing into a big piece of pizza from the pie he's there to pick up. Tim takes his leave, telling Matt they should go for a beer sometime, but just before he gets out the door Matt asks if he can come along hunting. Tim is surprised that Matt hunts, and Matt says that his father took him a few times. Tim smiles and tells him Thursday morning, 5:15. The Team! Back Together!

Jess and her friends walk down the hall, Jess accosts Landry and Devin. Jess is like "Landry! You have a car!" She suggests that he use that car to bring her and her friends to a party in Kilroy that weekend. Devin rolls her eyes and Landry, good for him, tells Jess that he's going to have to decline: "I've kinda been down that road before? Where a girl asks me to do somethin', and I say yes, and all of a sudden everyone's calling me a word that I don't like to use." What do we think that word is? Boyfriend? Loser? Murderer? Jess clarifies (or backtracks, or saves her own ass) by telling him that he's invited to the party, and so is Devin. Devin dryly thanks her and Landry brightens up and agrees to go along. They part and Devin teases Landry about how he's going to a party now this weekend.

Not Tyra (Becky) is laying the smarm on thick, saying nonsense like such as the Iraq. She's trying out for Miss Texas Daddy Issues and blabbing something or other about giving more than taking and true success, all with a robot smile. Her mom is waiting outside for her to come busting out exclaiming, "Mom, I'm in!" Out in the parking lot, Becky's mom tells her that she makes it look so easy and that tomorrow they're going to have to go get Becky a new gown, with a portrait neckline. Becky, do not trust a mom who wears hooker boots and a string tied denim vest. Becky doesn't take my advice, however, and is goofily happy that her slut-o-mom wants to hang out with her. Has anyone else noticed how incredibly similar the actresses who play Becky's mom and Erin (the mother of Jason Street's baby) look? If I cared at all about them as characters, I might try to and fail to be able to tell them apart.

Julie and Devin leave the Alamo Freeze. Devin tells Julie that she needs to ask her something and she needs Julie to not be weird about it. Devin and Julie! It actually hadn't crossed my mind, and the show certainly hasn't laid the groundwork for this relationship but: whatever! It's Devin and Julie! The coolest on-their-way-to-NYC girls on the show! Devin asks Julie if she'll go with her to this place outside of Dillon called Steers. Julie's like, snerk, "Steers?" snerk. Devin, hesitating, "It'' It's a gay place." A gay place! Can I put this girl in my pocket? Julie asks if Devin is hitting on her and Devin is like "puh-lease, you are not my type." Devin, heartbreakingly sincere, tells her that she just needs her to come along, this is a new experience and she needs a friend. Julie agrees, and then jokes that she wants to see what Devin's type is like.

Tami's in a meeting with the superintendent, telling him that they need to focus all their attention and funds right now on the library. The superintendent tells her that he's all tapped out and Tami reminds him that he promised last year that this was the year of the library (just in time for the demise of print! American Public Schools: always on the cusp!). He tells her that people are not happy about the Luke Cafferty situation and Tami does that thing she does so, so very well: she just restates the absurd thing someone just said to her right back at them (this is what I would call the Sarah Palin defense; no embellishment necessary): "So what you're saying is that because I made sure Luke was going the correct school for his district, that we may not get our library? Well that seems like a shame." The superintendent tells her that the football program brings in a lot of money, which is drying up, and so what she did actually cost the school any chance they had to improve the library. Cut to Tami stomping out to her car in the parking lot, which she finds -- with a gasp -- defaced with spraypainted "Panther Hater" across the hood.

Commercials. Taylor household. Traub and Taylor are at the kitchen table with phones and phone books. Traub strikes out with the first person he tries to call. Tami comes in and asks what they're doing. They're looking up former Lions players to garner some support. Traub apple polishes and tells her that her husband had the inspired idea to make the pep rally sort of like a homecoming. Tami waves Eric into the kitchen and tells him that if he wants to do this, he needs food. "If you want to bring people in, you need food, just like we've always done." Coach plays dumb and asks if she's offering to cook dinner. Tami says "Oh lordy, well perhaps I am, yep, perhaps I am, hun." They kiss and Traub inserts himself into their business: "That's real cute." Tami's on her way out-- because she must bring her awesome to the people-- and Julie comes in and introduces herself to Traub.

Becky comes home to find her mother engaged in a sordid orgy. No, not really. She comes home to find a stack of twenties and a note telling her to buy something fabulous for herself. Becky rushes outside to ba

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