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We open on a painterly horizon shot. It's early morning, the sky is pastel, everything is stretched and horizontal. Tim Riggins is asleep in the back of his truck parked out here in the middle of nowhere when a policeman comes by and rouses him. He tells him he can't park like this on private property, and then realizes, "Hey! Aren't you Tim Riggins?" But the name has no real currency any longer and Tim is told to move along.

Coach Taylor wakes with a start in a sunwashed bedroom, ceiling fan spinning above him, seemingly remembers what happened last night, and falls back onto his pillow for a minute. He comes out into the kitchen, where Julie and Matt entertain Gracie Bell. Coach greets them gruffly and pours himself some coffee, which Julie brightly informs him that they made. Coach wonders whether the newspaper's been brought in, and Matt springs up to go get it for him. Coach: "I'll git it!" Matt: continues to go for the paper mumbling about being happy to go get it. Coach: "I'll git it!" Matt: more mumbling and shuffling. Coach: "I'LL GIT MY OWN NEWSPAPER." Matt, finally: "Yes, sir." Coach, a bit abashed by the outburst, thanks them for the coffee and heads outside... to find Tami in the front yard gathering all the homemade staked white flags reading things like "Quitter" that are standing in the front yard. She trills good morning at him, and then tells him to just "go on," she'll take care of it. I wonder who exactly put the signs there -- the 20 people in the stands at the Lions game? Last week, it didn't seem like there was that much grassroots interest in the football team by East Dillon folks, i.e. they didn't seem to realize there was a football team.

Over in the Panther locker room, the boys and coaches go over game tape from the previous night. They whoop and holler, reliving their apparently awesome win. Wade and Joe McCoy shake their hands and marvel over the combo of J.D. and running back Luke. They can smell state.

The scene is much less convivial in the Lions locker room, not only because they got their asses kicked so decisively, but because none of the players have even showed up to required Saturday morning practice. Coach and Staub sit and watch the depressing game tape, Coach is pissed because the players know they're supposed to be there. No Name Former Panther Coach comes in and says that he's looked everywhere and there's no players anywhere around East Dillon. Coach leaves and gets into his truck when Buddy pulls up beside him. Buddy! He'd been lurking around a few scenes last week, obviously unhappy with the way Joe and Wade are running the Panthers like their own personal plantation. And now here he is! Seeming so familiar and comfortable to me! Calling Coach "friend!" Coach tells him he doesn't have time right now, but Buddy insists that he has something important to show him. Cut to Coach and Buddy standing around an empty lot, Buddy telling Coach that they are standing right at the address that's on the books for the Panther's star running back Luke Cafferty. Coach wonders where Luke really lives, and Buddy delivers the news: "East Dillon. He's supposed to be yours."

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Friday Night Lights




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