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Tim's back at the bar. Not Tyra's mom is bartending and looking in her mid-30s, which is depressing because she's an "older woman" here. She tells Tim it looks like he hasn't slept in weeks, and he admits he's looking for a place, which is kind of hard "when you don't have first and last." She pauses and tells him that she does have a trailer in her backyard, and she'd charge him a hundred dollars a month. Tim thinks that's sweet, but... She puts her chin on her hands on the bar and tells him to not get her wrong, the other night was unbelievable, but she's not that into him, and she can tell that he isn't that into her, so they don't need to go there. She promises (yeah right, lady) to not come banging on his door in the middle of the night, and tells him that she could use the cash. He asks when, and she says he can move in that night. She narrates that she's going to give her daughter a call to give her the heads-up, since she won't know Tim from Adam, and her mom doesn't want Tim to scare her. Tim just kind of smiles to himself on this last point -- and this is some Gossip Girl-level-incest-type relationship shuffling, isn't it?

Cut to Tim pulling up to his new abode. Not Tyra is outside taking the laundry off the line, wearing a real short T-shirt nightie like it's a John Mellancamp song about hot nights with hot girls in a small town. She just sort of watches him walk up to his Airstream trailer (lest we get the sense that he's trailer trash, we've got to make sure this kid is staying in a hipstery kind of trailer). He closes the door, she goes back into the house, but he's totally peeping her from his little porthole window in the trailer. Trouble!

Tami's sitting on the couch watching television. She turns it off when Coach comes in. He asks what she's doing and she just says "Drinkin' wine" with a real nice Southern melody delivery of that line. Coach sits down, groans a bit, and puts his arm around her. He asks her how things went today and she tells him that she got booed at the pep rally. "What do you mean 'booed'?" "I mean boooed" she intones it a little more deeply. Her lips turn into a frown, her brow creases. "Booo" she says very deeply. She tells him that she did get one little moment of satisfaction, being able to stand up to those good ole boys, Joe McCoy and his crew. She realizes she has that going for her, "and wine." Coach's hair is feeling bittersweet in an "it's been a long week, but it's Saturday night" kind of way. He tells Tami that the boys showed up, which makes her smile. "It's a start" he says. Tami quietly says she's sorry about their fight, Coach looks at her and tells her that he's sorry that he lied. It's over, and the Taylors have once again taught us some lessons about how to be married. As we cut to black, Coach mentions that now he just needs to figure out how to get his team new uniforms.

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