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Credits. New things I'm still not used to: Coach in a red hat. Aggressively dancing girl. Old things I still love: Coach dancing with Julie, Tami's little shimmy-turn. New things I'm primed to love: LUKE CAFFERTY!

Taylor kitchen, morning. Tami and Eric discuss the Luke discovery, Tami can't believe that they didn't think Luke's illegal enrollment would come to the fore. She's worried that this is going to look like a "Mrs. Coach" move on her part. Coach yells for Julie, they're late. He reassures Tami that she didn't do anything wrong. That's not the issue, Tami tells him: the boosters and coaches at West Dillon are all about doing wrong, that's the problem. And, plus, she feels awful for poor Luke Cafferty, who has to get dragged over to East Dillon now. Coach takes grumpy morning offense to this, isn't it so awful that he'll have to go to Coach's school now. Julie comes out, packs her bag and entertains questions from her mother about whether she's ready for her first day at East Dillon. Julie's excited, and her mom tells her to be careful. Julie; "It's school, mom, not a prison yard." I guess the final discussion about Julie switching schools (which-- seriously-- if Luke Cafferty can't just switch schools to suit his needs, why can Julie?) took place off-screen.

East Dillon. Lots more African-American students. In case we didn't register that with our eyes, the soundtrack's African American Sonic Forcefield that used to be in effect whenever Smash was on screen reminds us. Julie wanders gingerly through the hallways of the school where rap music inexplicably plays. Cut over to Vince walking up the stairwell. First, he encounters a vandalized Lions banner calling them losers, then a little white flag protruding from his locker. I really like this actor, and not just because his portrayal of Wallace on The Wire was so gut-wrenching. He has this great quality where his eyes are sweet and soft and naive, but his jaw is angry, and the conflict between those two really suit him to play characters like Vince or Wallace.

Drawing class. The draped model apparently fell asleep in the tanning bed, she's all weirdly red. Matt works diligently when his instructor comes over and tells him that she took the liberty of putting him up for an internship with a local artist named Richard Sherman. He selected Matt, which she tells him is quite an honor: "The guy's a genius." Matt wonders why she did this for him, and she tells him that it's because he has what every important artist needs: "pluck." God. I hate this lady and her prim, teacherly ways in exactly the way I fear my own students might hate me sometimes.

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Friday Night Lights




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