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Landry tries to pull into a parking spot at school, but a crowd of black kids refuse to move for him. He gives him and starts to back up when we hear a thud-crunch. Landry's jaw drops, he pauses, and then hops out of the car. Behind, a girl struggles to extricate her bicycle from underneath his fender. She's fine and she's gives Landry a piece of her mind. The best part is when she's yelling at him, and Landry cracks a nervous smile and she says, "This isn't a laughing matter." There's something particularly evocative there; Landry's already-guilty white effacement, manifesting in nervous laughter. She tells him that she must need to explain something to him: it took her a long time to save up for the bike, so it means a lot to her, "cuz not everyone has a car bought by their daddy." Okay. That was a little Soc 101 dialogue but whatever. Landry is like, "I am not fighting with you, woman!" He totally agrees that he should pay for the damages. She asks his name, and tells him hers: Jess Merriweather.

Matt drives up to his new internship with the artist. WEARING A SUIT. Please just let me die, because these naive Texas boys keep trying to kill me. He lets himself into the yard, which looks like a junkyard, filled with rusting metal sculptures. He picks his way toward the back shed, out of which come loud welding or die cutting noises, and knocks on the corrugated door. A crazy man -- who in a fleeting moment of panic I took for Craig T. Nelson -- comes to the door, dirty face, wacky hair, cigarette hanging from his mouth, and barks at Matt for knocking. Matt scans the guy's get-up, which the camera helpfully reveals to us consists of no shirt, greyish baggie whiteys, socks and slippers, and says that he must be mistaken, he's looking for an artist guy. Matt, what do you think artists are like? They are, to a one, raging maniacal douchebaggy narcissists! Whose sole job in life to to express their point of view! Welcome to your future, kid. The guy confirms that he is, indeed, Richard Sherman, and lets Matt in his studio.

East Dillon cafeteria. Landry notices Coach Taylor coming in and tries to leave before he makes his way over to him. Coach reaches out to him and asks what's going on with the team. Landry just looks at him and asks "Why did you forfeit the game?" Coach gets pissed and tells Landry that he does not need to explain his decisions to him, but Landry keeps going, telling him that they all gave everything they had on the field, and Coach just quit on them. "I don't know if you know how that feels, but it doesn't feel good." Coach is reduced to stammering kind of angrily when Landry just cuts him off: "I'm done, and everyone else is done" and then walks away, leaving Coach in the middle of the cafeteria, hands on hips which everyone knows signifies MELTDOWN APPROACHING in Coach's emotional world.

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Friday Night Lights




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