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Team Building

Over in West Dillon, the flashy team with its super-saturated colors practices in the rain. Tami stands on the sidelines with a big blue and white golf umbrella and calls Luke over at a break in the plays. He comes over like a goofy labrador retriever, grinning and wondering if she saw that awesome play he just ran. She smiles and softly says she did and it was real good. He "yes ma'ams" her to death. She asks him to tell her where he lives and he says "2268 Oakdale Road." Tami quietly asks if that is really where he lives and he lies again. She tells him that she knows that that address is an empty field with a mailbox. She tells him that she knows he lives in Kilroy, which is zoned for East Dillon. He switches immediately to panic mode and says that he's done so much for the Panthers, he's worked so hard, and he wonders if there's something she can do, maybe write a letter to the governor? She says that she can't, the only thing that could happen would be for his parents to move. Luke says that will never happen. Tami apologizes but says that he needs to go pack up his stuff and, starting tomorrow, he needs to go to East Dillon. This news moves Luke from panic to desperation: his lips start trembling, he starts moving back and forth on his feet, he starts bargaining with Tami. He promises he'll get As in every class, he'll do anything, anything at all. This is seriously painful to watch. Kudos to Matt Lauria. It's so hard to watch young people learn hard lessons, to watch them resist with every fiber of their beings. It's like they still believe that they can change things through sheer force of will. It's this totally admirable and sweet belief that doesn't stand up to how the world works. You guys. This scene is killing me. Luke begs a bit more, fully crying now, but Tami calmly and gently tells him this is the way it has to be. He understands that she won't budge and decides to stop himself before he gets in too deep, then he rubs his face with his hands and lies that he's okay, he's okay. Then, because he isn't aware of how freaking precious he is, he starts thanking her, "thank you very much," before turning to leave. She turns to leave, too, and we see him pause and come back for one more thing. We don't know what it will be, we probably imagine he's had one last ditch idea for how he can convince her to leave him be. But he calls her back not to beg for himself but to apologize: "I'm sorry for lying to you that whole time, and I'm sorry for lying to your face just then." YOU GUYS. Tami tells him that she really appreciates him saying so, and she tries to assure him that he'll be alright. Behind him, a coach calls for him to come back, and Luke calls out with fake cheer that he'll be right there. THIS KID.

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Friday Night Lights




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