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Commercials. Tim and Billy are at work and bickering like an old married couple. Tim's under a car, Billy's yelling at him for taking too long on the transmission (that's what she said!), Tim's retorting that he hasn't been paid for two weeks. Billy's stretched pretty thin, and snaps at Tim to back off, he's not getting any sleep, his pregnant wife is ca-raaazy, and Tim just stares at his brother gape-mouthed and then pantomimes putting a gun in his mouth and blowing his beautiful brains out. The phone rings, Billy answers it just in time to shout "SHUT UP!" at Tim, who is asking for some kind of tool that Billy's hogging (that's what she said!). Billy stammers an apology into the phone, takes down a request, and tells Tim that he's got to go out in the tow truck to pick somebody up.

Tami is getting out of her car in the school parking lot when the Two Goobers come driving up to her in their golf cart. How genius is this golf cart addition? The golf cart as synechdochal represention of Wade's and Joe's extremely evil douchebaggery? Joe gets out, literally rubbing his paws-y hands together and asks Tami "What's it gonna take?" Tami plays dumb for a moment, saying she doesn't know what conversation they're having. Wade just chuckles and says he thinks she knows, and she bites, "We talkin' 'bout Luke here?" They all chuckle to themselves a bit, and Joe asks whether it's going to take new books for the library, new instruments, or what? Tami, wearing her aviators, but expressing all the disgust she needs to in her perfectly polite but slightly snarled mouth: "Are y'all comin' to me in the school parking lot offerin' me a bribe?" Wade tells her that she needs to be reasonable, that kicking Luke out of West Dillon isn't good for him or for the team. Joe jumps in to wonder what's going to happen to her when this all goes down: "I think you're going to get lynched." Oh, Joe. Inappropriate in so many ways. Connie Britton with perfect delivery says tightly "Oh, that is so sweet, you are so sweet to think about me, Icantakecareofmyselfthankyou." Wade explains that if Luke is removed, they'll have to take a forfeit for the first game that they just won, which may put State out of reach for them this year. Tami reminds them that Luke is enrolled there illegally, and Wade comes in with the closing argument, noting that Luke will just happen to re-enroll at the school where her husband is the football coach. And further, Wade -- you know he's just spitballing here (wouldn't he be the exact kind of douche to say such a thing? -- wonders who put up that mailbox. He tells her to go home and ask Eric if he knows, because the Dillon Panthers have been using that mailbox for a long time. And if Wade started doing some digging around, there's no telling what could happen: games could be forfeited, rings could be lost. Tami whips her aviators off and you can tell that he's gotten to her.

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Friday Night Lights




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