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Tim drives down the road in the tow truck only to pull up in front of Not Tyra's house. She comes bouncing out in her jeans shorts and cowboy boots and greets him brightly, "Hey Tim Riggins who used to be a Panther!" He realizes she doesn't need a tow, and she just starts babbling about how she needs a ride because her dog went missing that morning, and her hair was doing this flip thing she wasn't too sure about and her mom isn't there to give her a ride and she missed the bus, etc, etc. This girl is still not even coming close to measuring up to Tyra or Lyla standards.

Matt drives Julie around. Julie's wearing a (his, presumably) blue baseball cap. Where's the new Lion spirit, Julie?! He complains about how all he did for his internship the other day was carry big, heavy, rusty pieces of metal around a junkyard. Julie giggles thinking about the eccentric naked artist and then ventures a guess that maybe he just doesn't realize Matt is a good artist because Matt goes to -- tone of complete disgust -- "community college." Matt nods ruefully and Julie realizes that that was just total bitchface of her, so she scrambles to make up, telling Matt that he just needs to get Richard excited, show him his awesome art. Matt jokes, "Well, you know I have been told that I have 'pluck,'" and then they both laugh, because they are young and free and old people are so squaresville.

Lower income apartment complex. Coach pulls up and attracts stares from various mainly black folks milling about in the parking lot and on the balcony. He makes his way up to a second floor apartment, and we cut away to a non-rich white couple kind of rolling their eyes at his attempting to knock on that door. He knocks and a woman answers, opening the door just a crack. He introduces himself and asks if she is Vince's mother and she looks at him with total junkie half-lid eyes. Coach explains that Vince hasn't been coming to practice, and the woman just says that's his business: "Ain't no laws about missin' no practice." She starts to close the door on him, but Coach reaches out a hand to stop the door and says that he's just trying to help her son. In a raspy, desperate voice she begs him for 20 bucks. He takes out his wallet, and the camera cuts to Vince down in the parking lot looking on with horror at this exchange. Coach hands over the twenty and she tells him that Vince is at Lincoln and Victory almost every night.

Gas station. Coach is sitting in his truck (for unclear reasons-- this isn't New Jersey, you don't have to wait for an attendant!) when a man asks him for directions to Lubbock. The man is Mike Leach, former Texas Tech football coach, scandal-plagued and fired since his appearance on the first airing of this episode. So he doesn't just play crackpots on TV, he is one in real life, too! The man approaches Coach's car, realizing that he's talking to the coach of "Dillon East." Coach stays silent while this man tells him that he's lost his inner pirate, you know, have you ever heard of "swing your sword?" The last thing the world needs is two football coaches talking about swords. Let's leave at least some things in the realm of metaphor, fellas. Well, this crackpot thinks that where Coach should be swinging his sword like this-- erect and out in front of him-- he's actuallly swinging it like this-- limp and hanging down. Wow. With clarifying hand gestures and everything. Coach, his sweaty, August Texas face lit by the buzzing neon lights of the gas station just looks at the man in disbelief, but his gas station angel continues, telling Coach that things happen for a reason, even though we don't know the reason, and Coach might be the luckiest man alive and not even know it. Leach gets in his truck and drives off, aaand end Twin Peaks homage.

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Friday Night Lights




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