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Coach arrives home, where Tami's chopping cucumbers -- a coincidence following all the sword talk? I don't think so! They greet one another, and then Tami launches right into it. "Babe. Babe. Did you know that mailbox was out in front of that empty field?" Coach buys himself some time by asking her what she's talking about, and she relays that Joe McCoy suggested that perhaps Coach knew about this mailbox, and she wants to know if that's true. Coach tells her that he doesn't follow what the boosters and parents do to try to get kids on the team, and Tami just gives him a "hmmm mmm." He wants to know what that means, and she starts moving around rather briskly, saying that he was paying a lot of attention the past couple of days trying to get Luke Cafferty on his team, and now she's in a really bad position because Joe McCoy is threatening to do all kinds of research that might take away state titles, as in Coach's state title. Coach's hair just REALLY doesn't have time for this shit right now, and Eric tells his wife that "Well, honey," (let me insert that that was a masterful redeployment of her own bitchy use of the term of endearment) "I may not even have a team." He explains to her what's been happening with his players not showing up to practice. Tami says she's sorry to hear that, and Coach shares with her that Landry practically told him to go to hell in the middle of the cafeteria. Tami says, again, that she's sorry to hear about all this, but that she really wishes Coach hadn't lied to her. He insists that he didn't lie, and their voices start raising, and this scene just perfectly renders how just the act of YELLING like this can really hurt your heart, even though you can't stop yourself from doing it. They aren't really saying anything hurtful to one another, but they are not hearing one another, and so the yelling must commence. Coach yells at Tami that he didn't put the mailbox there and complains about getting yelled at the first thing he comes into his house, and Tami just lets one rip from her diaphragm: "Well, then, don't LIE to me, then!" Coach storms out, making sure to yell-inform to her that he's going to get some milk. And now that's damn cute.

Commercials. Coach pulls up to a basketball court where Vince is playing. Bad Gold Chain Kid moans when he sees Coach coming, and goes up to Eric and says, "Can't you see we hoopin', man?" Coach calls out to Vince that he wants to talk to him, but Vince ignores him and keeps playing. Coach continues talking to him even though he's not paying attention. He tells him that Officer Shaw keeps calling, and Coach can't keep him at bay forever, he tells Vince that he's really good -- he's been watching the game tape, and Vince is running the 40 in under five in full pads -- he's got a lot of talent. Vince keeps playing, seemingly nothing getting through. It's painful to watch Coach try so hard and fail so fully. Vince just keeps playing while Coach stands on the side asking him if he's just going to throw it all away. Finally, Coach realizes he can't abase himself any longer, and so he tells Vince this is his last chance. Vince continues ignoring him, and Coach turns to leave; "Your choice, big man." Camera shows us Vince looking after Coach, those soft eyes betraying him.

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