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Team Building

Matt shows Richard his art. Richard just quickly and carelessly flips through the large drawings and, before Matt can even ask what he thinks, instructs Matt that there's a bunch of Chevy parts out front that he needs moved. Matt listlessly says "Yes, sir."

Ray's Bar-B (the Q is missing from the sign atop the little shack-like restaurant). Inside, Jess moves around clearing dishes and talking to her father -- that guy from The Practice -- who apparently owns the restaurant. Landry's there having some food, Jess doesn't pay him any mind. A few plates drop on the floor as she brushes by him, and he jumps up to pick them up. She doesn't notice this, either. He brings them to the back counter, where she and her father are conferring, and they look at him like he's nuts: "What do you want?" the father wants to know. Landry just says that Jess looked busy, so he wanted to help her out; you know, they go to school together. Jess blanks on his name when introducing him to her father, and her father just shoves a garbage bag at him: "Here, take this out back, thanks for your help." When Landry's gone, the father looks at Jess and is clearly just like "That funny-looking white boy?"

Lions coaching office. Eric, Staub and The Coach with No Name sit around. Coach tells them that what they're going to do is call a special Saturday night practice, and if that doesn't work they're going to start over. Staub wants to know what "start over" means, and Coach says he doesn't know. Melancholy Guitars of Impending Emotional Breakdown have begun on the soundtrack, and Coach gets up and rushes outside to the field. The camera follows him from behind, circles around to show his pained face as he looks out on this crappy field of his, his breathing getting raspy and thick. We cut to a long shot of Coach looking totally beaten down and then to a shot of Tim Riggins approaching. The camera cuts to Coach from behind, whose head hangs down in the posture of Potentially Crying Dad. But the thing is, Tim Riggins totally doesn't get it. He sees Coach's back and breaks out into a wide smile. And now my heart is broken. There's Coach Taylor, in the midst of a serious emotional breakdown, nearly IN TEARS -- and football coaches and dads DON'T CRY right? -- but here comes Tim Riggins, in desperate need of a father. So, he's going to come up there, and Coach is going to have to get his shit together and be a father for this kid, because the reason dads don't cry isn't because they are dickish, unemotional or unavailable-- they don't cry because they don't have the time or space to, because all these kids need them all the damn time. Sigh. Tim calls out to him, and Coach turns around and is pleased to see him. He wonders why Tim isn't in college, and Tim just says that he's working full time with his brother. Tim tells Coach that he looks different, and Coach just nods, "It's the color" (NOT THE TEARS). Tim tells Coach that he heard about the forfeit and the shaky start, and he'd love to be a part of it in any way. Coach's chest fills and he realizes, "You're offering your help to me?" and Tim tells him "Yes, sir." Coach taps him on the arm and tells him to come along, Tim's face brightens into a huge smile.

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Friday Night Lights




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