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Commercials. The boosters are meeting at Applebee's. Joe's at the head of the table of about 20 good ole boys going through injury reports when Tami comes in. She lays it on thick, apologizing for interrupting and saying she just wants a quick word with Joe. She tells the other guys to talk amongst themselves and goes straight to the head of the table and tells Joe that she just wanted to make sure they didn't have any misunderstanding the other day -- "You know, with the golf cart and all that" -- and that her decision has been made, and Luke Cafferty is going to East Dillon High. She's got the attention of the table, which is obviously what she wants, and Tami Taylor for freaking President, you guys, this is masterful politicking. Joe, in front of all his arrested-development peers, can only say "And are you clear on what I told you?" And Tami raises her voice just a bit and declares, "Oh, that thing where you were talking about doing an investigation and retroactively taking away Panther state titles?" Camera cuts to a good ole boy playing with his enormous state championship ring and staring blazes down toward Joe McCoy. Tami raises her voice even more and tells Joe that she just wanted to make sure he's run his investigation plan by all these fellas here, cause she's sure there's lots of rings in this group, family and whatnot. She reiterates that she is clear where she stands on the Luke Cafferty thing, and then sweetly trills her way out of there-- "I'll let y'all get back to it, y'all enjoy now!" Joe is totally speechless and Tami Taylor is the most stratospherically awesome lady in the entire universe.

Back at the Junkyard of Artistic Expression, Matt cuts his hand while handling a rusty old fender. He pissily informs Richard that he has to go to the hospital to get a tetanus shot. Richard, with a welding mask on, tells him that is just brilliant. Matt turns on his heel and Richard flips his mask up and asks him what his problem is. Matt tells him that Richard's the one with the problem: "You're rude, nasty, and I get that you're an artist, but the reason I'm here is because I want to be an artist." Matt Saracen, you need to don some very tight jeans and let the discomfort of your crotch area guide you into artistic assholishness. Matt complains to Richard that the least Richard could do is say something about the art he showed him. Richard grabs the portfolio again and takes out the drawings, flips through them, and sarcastically exclaims "Whoaa!" But he finally gets to one drawing toward the end, and rips it up. He hands Matt the ripped section -- which depicts a hand -- and tells him "This part here doesn't make me want to puke. Try to work from this place."

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Friday Night Lights




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