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Okay, friends, here we are. Thank you for reading and for writing and for just generally being as obsessive about this show as I am. Are you ready? I mean, none of us are ever ready, are we? But let's look inside and ask ourselves, are we ready to be tested to our very souls?! Heh. I'm just joking. (No, actually I'm not.)

We go riding around town with the camera once again, Ray's Bar-B (Missing Q), church with nativity scene and "We Love Our Lions" sign, The Landing Strip with ladies wearing Santa hats, East Dillon High, run-down houses with lots of Christmas lights, all while John Evans' "Christmas in Texas" plays in the background.

Cut on over to the East Dillon football field, where we're five days before the state championships, and the field is overrun with reporters and news tents interviewing the boys (my brain cuts over to Tim "I Just Like To Hurt People" Riggins in the first episode). A reporter asks Buddy, Jr. how he feels about the Lions' elimination; he calls the question like it is: "stupid." A reporter asks Vince about getting paired up with "this Sterling kid" and Vince, puzzled, reminds her that Sterling is a Panther. "Yes, but I'm thinking about next year, with the formation of the Super Team," she says. Vince tells her he doesn't want to talk about that, he wants to talk about how the East Dillon Lions are going to win State. The reporter asks the hard-hitting question: "Is that a promise?" and Vince, looking over at Coach, who sits next to him silently, letting the kid feel his own way through the media frenzy, responds, "It's a fact." Coach Taylor -- as much as he can from behind his sunglasses, hair, and eye lockdown -- approves. Back across the way, a reporter asks Buddy, Jr. and Hastings what their plans are for next year. They just look at one another and back at the reporter, no comment, and there's two kids I'd like to see a little short spin-off about. When Tinker gets asked the same question, he calls the reporter a "jackass" and then knocks some shit over on his way out of the tent. Billy Riggins, over in another tent, is asked if he thinks he's in the running to be coach of the Super Team and he's like, "Hell, yeah! My breath smells like nachos!" As for Coach, he tries to deflect the questions about next year as best he can, he's focusing on State, he has no comment, no comment, no comment, doesn't want to make a comment, until finally he just walks away from the questions because they won't stop asking them.

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