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Jess comes home to a bunch of little brother ruckus. They announce that they're going to Dallas, to Jess's confusion. Her aunt comes in and clarifies. Her father's barbecue franchise has taken off and he's moving them all to Dallas. Jess is not happy.

Ornette, still hanging in that Bad Man Bar. Coach walks in and interrupts his pool game to throw down a ticket to State. "Young man gets a chance like that once in a lifetime." Ornette regards Coach with eyes of anger and resentment. Who is this guy who was able to so easily slip in right where Ornette was not?

Becky and her mom sit on the porch, her mom clearly telling bawdy stories. Luke drives up in his truck and Becky explains who he is to her mom. "He's a little hottie," her mom says. Luke walks over, big vase of flowers and a teddy bear (!) in his hands. He tells Becky that he misses her and is crazy about her. Becky's mom interrupts to introduce herself and then stands up. She says that Luke is a sweetheart, "as long as he learns how to learn a condom." Luke's "yes, ma'ams" in response to this comment really make me laugh. So polite when discussing getting down and dirty! She walks off to leave the leave the kids alone for a minute. Luke kneels down and tells Becky that he loves her and is so sorry. He tells her that he wants to be with her forever and ever and then they kiss (and thankfully do NOT get engaged).

Over at Buddy's, Tim brings over a big tray of beers and whiskey for Tyra, Matt, and Julie. Tim toasts, "To Mr. and Mrs. Saracen," and they tell how they got engaged in front of the Alamo Freeze. Tyra cracks up and Matt protests that it was sentimental and amazing. Tyra agrees that it certainly is amazing. Tyra notes how crazy everything is. "Y'all are engaged, I'm halfway through college -- kickin' ass by the way," and Tim adds on, "And I'm out on good behavior!" They all cheers to that (Tim: "Sweetness") and a slow song comes on the jukebox. Matt takes Julie onto the dance floor. Tim and Tyra are a bit slower to follow, and there they are, swaying together. Tim tells Tyra that this feels right, and Tyra tries to protest, "You're just lonely, Tim." She tells him that she can't do this with him again, she has plans. And Tim has the best answer ever: "I don't." And Lord knows these boys without plans can grate on a woman, but right here? When it's Tim Riggins? Complete perfection.

Commercials. Coach and Tami are asleep when the phone starts ringing. They both act hilarious, Coach saying, "Stop that, stop that," and Tami begging him to turn it off. Coach takes the call and it's Buddy, informing him that Buddy, Jr. is going to live with him "el permanente." And he wants to tell Coach how ready Buddy, Jr. will be for the Super Team next year. Buddy tells Coach that "they" want him to get Coach to sign his contract with the Panthers before he leaves for State later that day. "Sound like a plan?" Buddy asks. Coach tells him to never call so early in the morning again and hangs up. Tami has come into the kitchen, and Coach tells her, eyes hooded and sleepy, hair out of the frame, that they want him to sign the contract. Tami just looks dejected and mutters, "Today." She looks at him through her hair a bit and then just says that she's taking Gracie to see Santa Claus today and then walks away. Coach stands and thinks and stands and thinks.

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Friday Night Lights




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