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Matt and Julie are over at Grandma Saracen's house, decorating the tree. Grandma comes out with a big box, excited to have "found it." She opens it up and unfurls her wedding dress. She can't believe it's still so white. Matt tries to intervene, saying that he thinks Julie might want to get her own dress, but Grandma says, "Nonsense," which Matt kind of repeats into Julie's ear, and they both smile. Grandma is going to freshen the wedding dress up in the kitchen sink. She asks to see the ring on Julie's finger, which Julie shows her. Grandma bends over and kisses it and I just about die. She looks at Julie and asks, "Do you like it?" and Julie says, "It's beautiful, Mrs. Saracen." Grandma looks at her and tells her, "Honey, you gotta call me Grandma now. We're family!" She hugs Julie and says, "I love you," and Julie responds in kind. When they pull apart, Grandma goes bustling about looking for the shoes and veil. Julie looks a bit unsure and Matt asks if she's okay. She asks if he thinks they are making the right decision. And this is a perceptive girl, understanding that what just transpired between her and Grandma Saracen is not just something to joke or laugh about. That what she and Matt are doing is a big deal, and you see that reflected in the deep reaction Grandma Saracen is having. Matt tells her that none of her worries matter, they know they love each other, and they know they're perfect together. It's going to be perfect. He kisses her and Grandma comes out wearing her old-fashioned wedding hat.

East Dillon locker room. The boys are dressing for the bus. Jess knocks on Coach's door and tells him the news that she's moving to Dallas and won't be a part of his Super Team after all. He looks at her intently and tells her that she will be missed and that he means that sincerely. She tells him that being a part of the Lions has been the greatest experience of her life. And Coach looks at her and says, "I think it's been mine, too." She walks out and Coach sits at his desk, staring at his little Lions figurines, wondering what having said that really means.

Commercials. Still in the locker room, the boys in their suits getting ready for the bus. Vince, a big smile on his face, goes over to Jess and asks to talk to her for a minute. He tells her that at first he hated her being on this team, but now -- with how far the team has come -- he realizes how lucky he is to get to share all this with her. He loves that she's a part of the team. They kiss.

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Friday Night Lights




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