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Tim and Tyra walk across his land with folding chairs and a cooler. Tyra tells him that she's not sure yet, but she's thinking that she wants to go into politics. She worries that he's laughing at her. He swears no. "Inside?" she asks, and he says no again. GORGEOUS SHOT of their tall, slim frames silhouetted against the sky. They set down their chairs and Tim asks when she says politics, does she mean like Sarah Palin? "No, you ass! Out of all people, really?" Tyra says. And she says that what's she's thinking of is Mrs. T, except maybe bigger. Tim rummages in the cooler as Tyra tells him that she's been in love with him since she was five years old, and being here with him is the greatest feeling she's had in a really long time. "It scares the hell out of me. I have dreams, Tim." He looks at her and tells her that he knows she does and that he has dreams, too. He's going to build a house exactly where they are sitting. And he'll get a job. And he'll never do anything illegal for the rest of his life. "Maybe one day our dreams can merge together." Tyra looks at him, totally in love but also totally happy to not rush anything. They clink their beer bottles and look out onto the land and back to one another. This is a Texas-sized love, and a Texas-sized patience. (And a Texas-size bleep! amiright?)

Over at the mall, Tami delivers Gracie Bell onto Santa's lap when Coach comes rushing down the escalator and over to her. He scares her half to death, they take the shot of Grace, and Tami wonders what's wrong, he's supposed to be on his way to State. And Coach looks at her and tells her that he turned the contract down, "it's your turn, I want to move to Philadelphia." And Tami just frown-smiles and asks, "Really, babe?" to which Coach asks, "Will you take me to Philadelphia?"

Commercials. Explosions in the Sky plays as the bus pulls out of East Dillon's parking lot It plays as they get off, heads tilted up to gaze at the Cotton Bowl. It plays as they walk through the shadowy tunnel out onto the blazing field. It plays, as they all, in slow motion, spread out onto the field and look around them. It plays as the boys get animated, doing flips on the field, alternately elated and daunted. It plays as Luke smiles to himself, knowing that this will be his last game.

The song fades into the sound of cheering crowds as we cut to later that night. The boys' legs shake nervously inside the locker room while outside crowds cheer and get feral and tears run down the boys' faces and the crowds roar and inside Coach talks quietly to Vince. "You may never know how proud I am of you," and Vince tells him, "You changed my life, Coach." Coach asks the team if they're ready and they all respond, together, "Yes, sir," and Coach leads them in a prayer, asking that the boys be protected, and take the talents they've been given and use them the best they can. Intercut into this prayer are shots of the team making its way out, amidst theatrical smoke, onto the field, making a circle, arms around one another, jumping up and down, Vince leading them in a chant.

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Friday Night Lights




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