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The coin gets tossed up against the black night, "Deus Ex Machina" by If These Trees Could Talk starts playing, and the game begins, run in a gorgeous slow motion montage. Coach turns to see his wife in the stands, kissing her fingers and sending them towards him, the other team getting a touchdown, Coach's face chagrined, Ornette walking in late, the Lions getting a touchdown and everyone cheering. Signs in the stands, Luke concentrating out on the field, running for his life for a touchdown, Matt Saracen and Julie cheering in the stands (Matt's hair longish and curly, having left the discipline of high school football behind), Coach gripping the play list, Vince getting sacked, Luke being taken down hard, Coach talking to Luke on the sidelines, the other team running for another touchdown, the Lions coaches getting frustrated on the sidelines, Coach looking at the score, 26-21 with 3 seconds left, with doubt on his face. Doubt!

Commercials. Back at the game, sound has been mixed in and we get some football announcer exposition about how tough a game it's been. On the sidelines, Coach holds Vince's eyes and tells him, "63 yards, you've got to give your receivers time." Vince does not flinch and he heads out onto the field. Quick shot of Jess, eyes closed, in prayer, and then everything slows down again. Vince's mother in the stands, eyes closed, everyone dressed in red and putting everything they have onto these boys on the field, Ornette nearly in tears obviously realizing that his son is bearing more than he ever could, the ball is snapped, Tinker holds the line, Coach looks on with complete concentration and faith, having given it all up to the boys. Vince scrambles, he fakes, and then he pulls his head back and throws the football. Shots of everyone we know and love in the stands watching that ball fly and this is about faith and it makes me want to cry watching them watch that football because isn't that what we are doing when we put our faith in something, we make it beautiful and we have no control over it. And the ball flies and flies through the black night until the sky behind it turns blue and we can just always now come back to that ball, always flying through that sky.

And when the sky turns blue, the ball descends into the hands of a player dressed in green. Shot of the scoreboard "Home of the Pioneers" and Coach Taylor, also in green, clapping his hands, "Atta boy, atta boy," and then I have to cry a bit more, because my Southern father, transplanted to the North now for over two decades, says that all the time. Delta Spirit's "Devil Knows You're Dead" plays in the background for this final montage.

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Friday Night Lights




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