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Coach works with his new team. Tami walks around her urban college campus, still rocking the shift dress but now wearing wedge heels (sad face). She looks up and around in amazement at her surroundings. Back in Texas, the Panthers practice. Crowley is there, Vince is there -- and it is here, on Vince's finger that we see the State Championship ring, and I could not love more that they won and I could not love more that the show did not focus on their winning, but on their lives going on beyond winning. Buddy, Jr. is on the Super Team! And Tinker! Buddy, Sr. is still tooling around in his golf cart. Over at East Dillon, the "State Champions" banner is taken down as the entire scoreboard is taken down. At the bus depot, we see Luke, in a Marine Corps uniform, kissing Becky goodbye and giving her his State ring. She crumples a bit as the bus leaves. And for anyone who might complain about this show sugar-coating small town life (which, sure, it certainly does), this detail, a boy who nobody really thought to prepare to do anything other than play football or farm then going on and enlisting in the Marines, well that's just pretty much a kicker now isn't it?

In Chicago, Matt shelves a box of cereal in his RIDICULOUS apartment, while Julie comes out of the bathroom, looking all fresh and sweet and they head out the door for the day. And at first I wanted to yell, JULIE TAYLOR ARE YOU IN COLLEGE? But I suppose if it's August in the world of the show (eight months after Christmas it says), she could conceivably not be back to school yet. If that school is on the quarter system. And if we are suspending our disbelief. And if we just quit it already and stop nitpicking. Okay, okay.

Down in Dallas, Jess works a clipboard next to a new coach. And back in Dillon, in the Panthers locker room, a quick shot of the words "J. Street" scrawled underneath the Panther "P" decal on the wall, and then a shot of Buddy overseeing the installation of a sign saying, "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." Buddy Garrity, feet planted, passing on tradition.

Out under the hazy, hot, Texas sky, the Riggins boys work on the very beginnings of a house frame. Tim stops to look upon his brother with love, they stop to have a break and some beers, and Billy turns to his brother and says, "Texas forever," at which Tim pauses and then repeats it back to him. The camera lingers on Tim's face (no complaints here!) as he looks into the middle distance, still doing the work, but obviously well on his way to healing. And you guys, this is the last time we'll be in Texas. And I have to confess, I do not feel completely comfortable thinking about the Taylors in the Northeast. There is so much ease with which people float from place to place in this country, and that is sometimes a good and nice thing, but what about a home, a place where you deeply belong?

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Friday Night Lights




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