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But of course, Coach and Tami just need one another to make a home, and they will make their own new community, because they are extremely good at that work, and this is good work to share with the world. But you will never get me to stop feeling a little bit sad about the Taylors out of Texas.

The music winds up and we cut back up to Philadelphia where Coach is finishing up practice with his new team. They kneel before him as he gives them a stern pep talk. He tells them that they have a long way to go, a long way. He pauses, and the camera ranges around these new faces, and Coach says, "And you know what? I'm lookin' forward to it." He tells them that they need to go home, get their studies done, and be back there tomorrow at 6:00 AM, which means no later than 5:45 AM. They all shout, "YES SIR!" at him and he decides to follow that up with the classic: "Cleareyesfullhearts," he says quickly and looks them up and down. They look back at him, unsure. His eyes go warm and smiling, "Eh, we'll deal with that later." He sends them off for a final lap and tells them they put in good work today. They run off... past Tami Taylor, who walks onto the field, all legs and hotness in her buttery leather jacket and jeans. She waves at these new kids and walks straight to her husband. They kiss and she asks him, "You ready to go home?" and Coach nods. They walk across the field, away from the camera, which pulls back and back, past the uprights, and back some more, and then the lights literally go out.

And that's it. We're done. I've spilled a lot of words on this show, and I want to thank you again for reading. Doesn't it feel good to be a little bit sad? I know you think so, too, if you've stuck with me this far. The best shows make you a little bit sad with how true they seem. So take that sadness and wrap it up nicely and put it in your pocket and keep it there, our secret. See you all later.

Drunken Bee is the pseudonym of Sarah Blackwood and you can keep in touch with her here and here.

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Friday Night Lights




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