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"Five year contract, that's not something that comes along every day," is the comment he has for his wife, as they decorate the Christmas tree under emotional duress. Tami tells him she knows how good the offer he's received to coach the Super Team is. He snarks that with that kind of security, they could afford those his-and-her closets she wants so badly. She comes back at him, suggesting that they'd probably get set up real nice in Philadelphia, college-style. And here I literally guffaw -- although Tami Taylor is doing the right thing by going into college administration rather than teaching -- because a "college-style" financial set-up means getting paid about the same as what a NYC building superintendent gets paid. Julie sits on the couch observing her parents bicker during all of this. Tami reminds Coach that the same people who are offering him this contract are the ones who fired him for no reason. Coach literally grabs his hair (and Hair is like, "Hey! Off the goods! I'm trying to help you emote here!") when Tami reminds him that he always said he could coach football anywhere, and Philadelphia should not be any exception. "Because here is where we put our Christmas tree, not Philadelphia." Their voices escalate, and they start talking over one another, Julie literally plugs her ears with her fingers and "la la las" them, and then the doorbell rings. Coach tells Tami that there's someone at the door, making no move to get it himself. She mutters, "Are you serious?" as she heads over to it, but then he's hot on her heels, telling her he doesn't want her to "strain herself," while she lilt-yells, "No I'LL GET IT!!"

They open the door to find... Matt Saracen! Tami puts on a happy face, and Coach doesn't even try. Inside, Julie hears his voice and smiles. At the door, Matt mutters and stutters and Coach says to him, repeatedly, "What? What?" and I gleefully look forward to the day I can take that tone with whoever is courting my child. It's so awesomely insensitive, the best parental quality out there, I think. Tami invites Matt in for their "fun family time," which, heh.

Cut over to the Alamo Freeze. Julie gets out of the car, blabbing about how Matt didn't even tell her he was coming home for Christmas, until he sort of grabs her arm and asks her to stop, right in front of the window, under the "Hot Eats Cool Treats" sign. He grabs hold of both of her hands and clears his throat and starts saying things like, "Ever since," and "I been thinking about," and TEEHEETEEHEE you guys, I know what's coming!!! He tells her how much he loves her and he knows he wants to be with her forever. "So... this is Grandma's" -- and here he pulls out a jewelry box and gets down on his kneed -- "So, Julie Taylor. Will you marry me?" She is way more collected than I would expect, given that she is eighteen years old (well actually maybe her youth is exactly why she is so collected) and she quickly says yes and puts the ring on her finger. Brandi Carlisle's cover of Bryan Adams' "Heaven" starts playing in the background, and listen, I don't need anyone to ratify Bryan Adams for me, I'm okay with my own bad taste, but hot DAMN this song! And then they kiss and hug and the camera pulls back a bit more and we see them standing there, in front of the Alamo Freeze, and Julie Taylor is wearing Chuck Taylors, and that little detail just sent me over the edge. Precious freaking Moments!

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Friday Night Lights




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