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And then the camera comes a bit more closely on their faces and Julie looks down at her ring in amazement and says to Matt that her Dad must have freaked. And Matt is like, what do you mean? And she's like, "When you asked him to marry me" and Matt is like, oh, shit, I am an artist, and by "artist" I mean "weirded out by that patriarchy shit which I could probably explain to you in political terms but actually mainly it's that I'm kind of cowardly". And Julie is like "You asked him, right?" and when it becomes clear that Matt did not, she does a little mini-hyperventilate and then rewinds the tape. She wants to pretend like he never asked her, so that he can go ask her father, and then ask her again. And Matt suggests that they just go over there together and tell him together. And Julie looks at him quietly and says, "You need to do it man-to-man," and then THE LOOK IN ZACH GILFORD'S EYES comes from a very real, frightened place. He's got those glaze-horror eyes on as he says "Okay. Man-to-man." And, as much as we are all on Matt Saracen's side, we can't all help but chafe our hands together in anticipation for that scene.

Credits. Tim works under the hood of his truck while Billy sits on the cooler near him. They interact with one another like cranky babies, just like brothers should. Billy doesn't even know why Tim cares about the truck if he's going to Alaska and then starts to stomp off, when Tim stops him with a cool, "I may or may not be going to Alaska." Billy is stopped in his tracks and pauses before he says something that I can't totally make out. I can't turn the captions on my television, either, and in the end, it's more amusing to think of what Billy is potentially saying to Tim. So here goes: "Is it because you, uh, rubbed off Tyra the other night?"; "Is it because you, uh, raw dogged Tyra the other night?"; "Is it because you, uh, rode hog Tyra the other night?" Mindy comes out of the house and tells Tim that getting with her sister Tyra is like incest or something. Billy and Tim swear it isn't incest -- "There's no blood line," Billy notes scientifically. Mindy revises, "It's really creepy," which Billy has to agree with. Tim asks Mindy what she thinks about him spending the day with the whining child currently in her arms. She says yes and quickly, "There's no going back," and then runs off to get a bag for Stevie.

Vince finds his mom at work at the garden center. She's excited about State coming up, but Vince wants to know if she's heard from his father. She tells him that he doesn't want his father there, Vince reminds her that this is once-in-a-lifetime and she responds that that's exactly why she doesn't want him there ruining anything.

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Friday Night Lights




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