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Close up on Matt delivering his speech, "And so, for those reasons, sir, among many others, I'm asking for your daughter's hand in marriage, sir." Pull back to find... Landry Clark! They're hanging in the garage, unraveling tinsel, and Landry just laughs in Matt's face. As Landry laughs, Matt pleads for constructive criticism. Should he talk about Chicago more? About how he got a promotion at the art gallery? Landry, nailing it: "Whatever you do, do not mention the fact that you work at an art gallery. That's not going to be reassuring for a football coach." Landry tells Matt that he just needs to walk in there, plant his feet, be assertive, tell Coach that he's going to marry his daughter. "I love her -- you can fill in the blanks here -- she's the love of my life, whatever." Or just walk in there and start crying. Matt again begs Landry to be serious; this is a crazy situation he's in. Landry begs to differ: "The crazy thing is that just a few years ago we were trying to figure out how we were gonna talk to Julie Taylor and now you're going to marry her!" I have not heard a sweeter high school sentiment than that. Sometimes boys are just too cute. Landry tells Matt to stop overthinking it and Matt gets a burst of confidence, "I mean it's just Coach Taylor, right?" and Landry is like, "He's always loved you," and Matt sort of pauses and thinks for a moment and then unconvincingly, "Uh, well, yeah."

East Dillon coaches meeting, Jess shadowing in the corner. They finish up and Jess hangs back. She sidles up to Coach and quietly asks him, "Am I going with you?" He plays dumb. She clarifies, "To the Panthers, the Super Team." Coach tells her to not listen to the rumors, and she just tells him that if the rumors turn out to be true, could he please just keep her in mind. He tells her that he hears what she's saying, but this is the worst time for her to bring it up. But then, "It's already under consideration," and she grins as she follows him out.

Lions practice field. Tim has brought Stevie out there and is giving him some lessons. For example, boosters can be your worst enemy or your best friend. Or cheerleaders. Tim turns Stevie's stroller toward the practicing cheerleaders. "Never turn away a memory," he says. Though again, the Riggins family mucklemouth suggests he might also have said, "Never turn away a mammary." Practical advice, as well, for a baby. Out on the field, Tinker is sad because State will be his last game; he has no faith that he'll make the Super Team. Vince tells him that he's got pull over at the Panthers and that he's got Tinker's back. Back on the bench, Coach goes over to Tim and Stevie and joke-seriously introduces himself to the boy. He asks Tim if Stevie is a "screamer like your brother," and Tim just kind of mutters kind words about Billy. Coach asks if Tim is doing okay working at Buddy's and Tim just tells him that it's a job. Coach tells Tim if there is ANYTHING that he needs, "You know damn well to call me." Tim thanks him sincerely, and then notes that Coach is going to get himself another ring this year. "Got a damn good chance," Coach responds as the ball spirals through the blue, blue sky.

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