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Commercials. At The Playgirl Ranch, Mindy lies on the couch when Becky comes in and dumps a bunch of clothes on the coffee table. "Don't make me do it," she says. It's Tim's laundry, and Mindy grabs a pair of black underwear and goes, "Ewwwwww!!!! It's Tim Riggins' underwear!!!!" Becky slumps on the couch and says that this is Tyra's job now and Mindy makes a little clawmouth snapping shut with her hand, "Shut it." She doesn't want to think about her sister doing it with her husband's brother. Which, yes. That is gross. However, Tyra was there first, Ole Sis!! Mindy does some babytalk girltalk at Becky, until Becky reveals that her mother called and is coming back. So she'll be moving out. Mindy's face is shocked but she pretends that she thinks it's awesome that Becky's mom is coming home. "So, w-w-when is that happening?" and Becky tells her Thursday. Mindy can't deal, and as she's on her way off the couch and back into her room, she tells Becky that if she needs help packing, that's what Billy is there for. Oh poor Mindy! Strippers always fall deep in friend-sister love. (I'm not joking!)

Cut over to Matt, clearing his throat and stumbling his way through a speech that starts, "I've loved your daughter for a very long time now." Pull back and we see that he is actually doing it! He's talking to Coach Taylor! In Coach's office! Coach leans back in his chair and watches the boy squirm. Matt stumbles around, talking about how Coach has known him since he was young, not that he's old now, but also not young. "I'm very mature, sir. I'dlikeyourpermissiontomarryyourdaughter, sir." Coach pauses. Coach laughs. "You what?! Say again?!" Then Matt repeats himself, adding that he loves Julie and will take care of her for the rest of her life, and he'd like Coach's blessing. Coach's face changes, from bemusement to battle-ready. "How old are you, son?" Matt responds that he is nineteen. Then Coach asks how old Julie is. Eighteen. Matt starts reaching, going on about how he has a job and has already gotten two promotions (DON'T SAY ART GALLERY!) when Coach interrupts him: "The answer to your question is no. The answer to your question is gonna be no today, tomorrow, and will probably be no until the sun burns out." Matt takes a sharp left and tells Coach that "actually" they don't need his permission, which causes Coach's voice to raise a bit, "You damn well DO need my permission," and then Matt tells him that he already asked Julie and she already said yes, "So, this is really just a courtesy." Oh, Matt. This is worse than "art gallery!" Coach's eyes are laser-like in their hate precision, the camera tight on his face, as he rises from his seat, without blinking, without breaking his gaze, and growls, "Let me do you the courtesy of telling you that my daughter's answer to you is no." See, now this is awesome. I'm obviously not too big on the "ask the father's permission" and my husband did no such thing prior to our engagement, but this is great drama! This is the kind of shit you lose when everyone is just going around doing what they feel like and not adhering to any (outmoded or not) social conventions.

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Friday Night Lights




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