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Cut to Coach busting in the front door of his house. Tami is wrapping Christmas presents. She starts in immediately on him, saying she wants to talk about whether or not they are "East Coast people," and how they won't know unless they try (hint: Tami Taylor, you are not an East Coast person. You might move here, but you are not one. This is a good thing). Coach sits on the arm of a chair and interrupts his wife: "We've got a really big problem. Matt Saracen asked your daughter to marry him." Tami is like "Julie?" and Coach gets exasperated, yes of course that daughter! Coach's voice is all unmodulated as he exclaims about Matt asking for Julie's hand in marriage. Tami notes that he at least had the decency to come talk to Coach first, but then Coach is like no he didn't! He already asked and "your daughter" (I love that) said yes. Tami: "No!" Coach: "Yes." Tami: "No!" Coach, shaking his head and laughing without mirth, "Oh, yes!" Tami opines that they're too young, and asks what Coach told him. He's on his way out of the room as he shout-snarks that he said they should break out some champagne, this is going to be awesome!! Tami yells after him, "I don't know why you're yellin' at me! I think we agree on this!" as she literally throws up her hands in frustration.

Angela Collette is wrapping presents when Tim and Stevie come in. Tim Supermans Stevie at Angela, and Angela calls Tyra out. She gives Stevie sweet Aunt eyes, and then gives Tim some sweet Sex eyes. She sits down and they start chatting. Tim notes that, "Seven's in town," and she tells him that he and Julie got engaged. Tim's eyes widen. Angela comes back with Stevie, telling Tyra that there's a poopy diaper and her diaper changing days are over. Tyra pops up and heads out of the room; Tim asks if he'll see her tomorrow night and then just nods to himself, presumably thinking about Matt and Julie and how once the dominoes start falling, they don't stop.

Tami walks into Julie's room, all Quiet Understanding Mom. She makes a funny face and tells her daughter that her father told her the news. Julie asks if Matt talked to Dad, and then, "Did Dad flip?" Tami scrunches up her face and nods yes. Julie chuckles. Tami walks in and opens with, "Honey..." but is stopped by Julie showing her the ring. "It's his grandma's." Tami puts her hand to her mouth, getting emotional. "That's beautiful." Then she tells her daughter that it's just that they're so young. Julie says that she knows it seems like that, "but, I love him more than anything." Tami tells her that her father and she would like to take them out to dinner. "As a celebration dinner?" Julie asks. "Well, like a conversation dinner" Tami replies.

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Friday Night Lights




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