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Cut to Ornette talking big about his son to a guy at a rough-looking bar. Vince walks through the heavy plastic curtains in the door, and asks to talk to his father. His dad asks him what he's doing, "on this side of town. Heard you all 'West Side'." Heartbreaking because there was Ornette, just ten seconds ago, talking his boy up, but when the flesh and blood kid walks through, he has no idea how to talk to him, or at least can't get beyond the hurt and betrayal he feels at having not measured up in Vince's eyes. He and Vince walk outside for a minute. Ornette tells him (cicadas buzzing in the background) that he doesn't need to come check up on him. Vince kind of just stands in front of him, until Ornette asks what he's there for. Vince tells him that they've got State on Saturday and Ornette is like, yeah, kind of can't not know that in this town. Vince tells him that he got him a ticket and he wants him to be there. Ornette takes a drag off his cigarette, his face slightly softens for a minute, but then closes back up. "I got things to do." He tells Vince that he'll be watching, though, and then heads back in to the trailer bar, leaving Vince outside.

Commercials. Tim leaves a convenience store, Stevie in one arm, a six-pack in another. Becky is outside, "Hey Tim Riggins." This is the very same convenience store where Becky ran into Luke after getting rejected by Tim Riggins and then they went off to do it in Luke's truck, and then she got pregnant and didn't know what to do and then Tim Riggins took her to Tami Taylor and Tami Taylor told her about her options and Becky chose the option she felt was best for her, and then Luke's mom found out about the abortion and got Tami Taylor fired. Now, doesn't that sound a bit silly? But it never was! This show is like magic! So Becky tells Tim that she's going back to live with her mom. She says she thinks she wore her welcome out with Mindy, but Tim looks at and talks to her softly, saying that Mindy will miss her more than Becky will know. She asks if he's really moving to Alaska and Tim is like, nah. Then she tells him that she's glad she did the whole high school thing like he told her to, that she's glad she made her memories, and also, she's over her crush on him. He smiles at her. And by the way, DO NOT FORGET that this entire time he is holding Stevie in his arms. So he is SO hot, and also caretakerly, and also sweet and quiet, and Tim Riggins why are you doing this to me?! So Becky asks if they can be friends now, and Tim looks at her and says, "Let's say family," and then they part and go their separate ways. Tim Riggins, baby in one hand, beer in another, complete and total ethical, manly triumph in both.

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Friday Night Lights




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