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Commercials. At home, the Taylors are in comfy clothes. Tami sits in the living room, Christmas tree alight, crickets chirping in the hot night outside. Eric comes out and sits on the couch. They sit in silence for a moment until he asks how they are ever going to make a decision when she isn't going to talk to him about it. And well, there is one thing about marriage I have found true -- you spend a lot of time talking or arguing about who is the one who is avoiding talking about something. Tami, in total defeat, tells her husband that she believes she has talked to him about this, and that she's decided that she's going to say no to Braemore College. "I'm never gonna win this fight." Coach Taylor, hair running its own hands through itself in continued confusion, just nods and says, "Alright," and Tami's eyes reflect just how very much she wished he would say something different, that her giving up would prod him into preventing her from giving up. Julie comes out and sits down, eliciting a small smile from her mom. A very pretty song, "Holy, Holy, Holy Moses" by Alec Ounsworth, starts playing in the background. Julie tells them that she knows that they think she's making the wrong decision and is going to drop out of college or something. But that that isn't her, and they should know that. This is about "getting to spend the rest of my life with my best friend," and she wants them to trust her, that she's making the right decision. And I really must object to this show punching a poor pregnant lady in the gut repeatedly, because, again, OOOOOF. It IS about spending your life with your best friend, that is exactly what it's about, and that is how it starts, and that is what you have to remind yourself when you are sitting in your stretchy pants and your husband is driving you crazy. Tami tells Julie that they do trust her, and want her to be happy. Coach just nods silently and if you blink you might miss that what Tami and Eric just did is send their child out into the world, for real and for good. They have released her.

Oh, god, I need to take a moment here.

That pretty song keeps playing as Billy, Mindy, and Becky drive up to Becky's mom's house. Becky tells Billy that she really appreciates what he's done for her. Mindy leans against the truck, avoiding all eye contact. Becky goes to her and tells her that it isn't like she's going to just disappear. She's going to be at their house all the time, to see Stevie and the twins. Becky reaches out and caresses Mindy's cheek, as she cries. They hug and Becky whispers to her, "You're my sister." The gravitas of the situation leavens a bit when Becky's mom comes squealing out of the house. Becky tells her mom that she looks really pretty; meanwhile, Mindy looks off to the side like a wounded deer.

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Friday Night Lights




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