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More football. Basically, Saracen keeps fucking up. CarLOWta is in the stands, watching with Grandma. McGregor calls Smash over to the sidelines and gives him the play, which is major egg on Matt's face. The play he called is a fancy trick one where the snap looks like it goes to Matt but it really just goes to Smash who ends up running the ball for a touchdown and the win. Everyone is happy and celebrating except Matt. The announcers narrate that McGregor just rewired the entire offense by taking Saracen out of the play completely. Coach Taylor looks on with bemused detachment. His hair is like, "Um, I don't do high school anymore?"

Smash walks toward the crowd all smiles, he approaches Matt to tell him nice job, and as he turns to keep celebrating, Matt tackles him. Coach Taylor looks on with concern, the rest of the team run to break it up, pulling Matt and Smash apart. We end with Matt, Tim, Smash, and Jason all moving in opposite directions. Get it?

Coach Taylor comes home and finds Tami on the couch. She snuggles into his chest and he asks if she saw the game. She says no but then nods when he asks if she heard what happened. Football squabbles are not forefront in her mind, however, as she sort of numbly mumbles, "I hit Julie last night. Right across the face, I slapped her." She dissolves into tears and says she doesn't know what's happening with their family. Aw, what a good mom.

Jason picks up an empty beer bottle and chucks it at the door of The Playgirl Ranch. Tim comes blearily to the door and tells him he could have knocked. Jason launches into a speech he says will put and end to their so-called friendship. Jason informs Tim that he quit the team, but not because of anything Tim said. He then informs Tim that he doesn't care about quitting the team because he's heading to Mexico right now to go get surgery and the next time Tim sees him, he'll probably be walking. Omigod, Jason is being so cute. He continues, telling Tim that once he can walk again he's going to walk over there and kick Tim's ass, "because you are the WORST and the STUPIDEST friend a guy could ever have. And I pretty much hate your guts right now." This may not be what Jason Street (or Scott Porter) was going for but: ADORABLE! Squee! Jason turns and wheels away when Tim calls out "Mexico, huh?"

Landry is fiddling his strings in his room. His guitar strings you perverts! Tyra comes in the window and stands around awkwardly before leaning in and kissing him. Landry tries to talk and she tells him not to. She tells him no one's ever cared for her so much. They start making out.

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