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Giddy Up

Tim finishes loading Jason's wheelchair in the truck and hops in the passenger side. He cracks open a beer and offers it to Jason who tells Tim to put the beer away. Tim is like 'Uh, we're going to Mexico?" Tim asks if Jason has a map and just generally acts like exactly the drunk, goofy friend you sort of want in your passenger seat on a fun road trip. Although I'm not sure how the whole "experimental spinal surgery" thing works into the fun road trip equation.

The House of Latina Spitfires. CarLOWta is watching television when Matt comes home wincing in pain from the game and the fight. He grabs at his shoulder and she tells him to sit down for him to look at it. He sits down and she pretty much gets up and strategically places her boobs on him. Oh, this must be that new kind of experimental nursing technique they've been working on Mexico. Or Guatemala. Or wherever. She continues to press her boobs into a sixteen-year-old boy's body, then sings a little Spanish-language nonsense song her mother would sing to her when she got hurt. She explains that the song is just about how things will be better tomorrow. Lady, as long as there are boobs involved, things are already better right now.

Buddy is asleep in his office. Eric drives up and knocks on his window. Buddy mutters to himself, "yes!" and lets Eric in. Eric just reaches out and shakes Buddy's hand, saying "I sure as hell hope I don't regret this."

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Friday Night Lights




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