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Credits. Tim lays in an emergency room bed looking sorry for himself. A doctor comes in to scold him about being completely dehydrated, his body wearing out. He says they can't get hold of Billy to come sign him out, and Tim snarks under his breath that his brother is probably screwing his ex-girlfriend. Tim can't leave without an adult signature, and the doctor asks if there's anyone else he can call. Tim says no, which, like Tami's not knowing anyone but Glen to give her a ride home from the hospital smacks a little of disingenuousness. Hey! Maybe Tim should call Glen! As the doctor turns to leave, he shows himself to be a big, fat, dumb Glen himself, turning to Tim and asking him if he's ready for Friday night. Tim responds like the hot robot he is (Again with the band names Tim Riggins inspires me to concoct. Last week it was Sexy Mischief. This week: Hott Robot.). Anyhow, Tim responds like a hot robot: "Always, sir."

Lyla saunters in, and Tim says he feels better just seeing her. She suggests he try going to practice without a hangover, "I hear its a totally different game." Tim replies that that's what he's afraid of, which is quite a witty remark for a Hot Robot often engaged in Sexy Mischief. Lyla tells him she's just there as a friend and reminds him that he helped her with her dad the other night. She pauses and Tim knows she's got something to say. She tells him that she thinks he should come to her church. He smirks and asks if this is some recruitment scheme. Uh, I think yes. Evangelical religion is exactly that, a recruitment scheme. Lyla tells Tim that she thinks he's lost and that's exactly how she felt. Tim says he isn't lost, "This is Dillon, home of the Panthers." Lyla responds, "You can be lost in Dillon, you know." Looks like you can be totally cheesy in Dillon, too.

Jason is back on the Quad Rugby court, kicking ass to anonymous and terrible rap metal. Cut to Herc giving Jason a hard time about being a cliché. He chuckles incredulously, "Experimental surgery in Mexico?" and then tells Jason that, a year after his injury, he's right on time for the "miracle surgery portion of the show." How cleverly, meta, show. Here, also, is a grain of salt for you to take with yourself. Jason is all optimism about the results they're seeing in rat hind legs. Herc reminds Jason that he doesn't have hind legs. But then, in all seriousness, Herc tells Jason that people will be able to sniff out his desperation to walk again. They'll take his money and what's left of his dignity. He tells Jason not to ever say he wasn't forewarned.

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Friday Night Lights




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