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I'm recapping online right now and notice as we go to the next scene that The Ponys' "Double Vision," which was originally playing in the background, did not get licensed for the online version. Can we please solve this nonsense yet? Why can't they get all this digital rights shit sorted out? Anyway, The Ponys. Great band. Chi-town independent represent! I especially love how they are helping bring the '90s back (Long blonde hair on the lead singer! Female bassist!). I am on board for this project. Yesterday I found myself donning a slip dress and little jazz-shoe-esque oxfords. Parisian '90s chic!

What am I talking about? Okay, so TMU football field. Eric has an exchange with a quarterback where he 1) tough-talks the kid and then 2) reassures the kid. The Eric Taylor Special! Cut to inside, where Eric goes over plays with the other coaches. He mentions "the height problem of course" of presumably the kid he was just coaching on the field. He has a few ideas for how to work around the height, but the head coach is just like, "Let him go." They have a bunch of other players waiting in the wings that don't have height problems. I love how "college football is sooooo evil" this storyline is. Always tryin' to screw the little guys. Some folks are just not cut out for the bright lights. And so on.

Cut to outside, where Eric calls Tami to tell her that he's having a bad day, getting "the distinct privilege of cutting one of the kids from the team today." Tami apologizes and we see she's standing in her kitchen with Glen, who is wearing a Standard Issue Guidance Counselor Short Sleeved Dress Shirt. The look popularized by Matthew Broderick in Election. Glen asks if she's tried "turning it off and then on again." Tami is like, "Yes, Glen." Coach overhears his voice, and Tami tells her husband Glen is trying to help fix the icebox. Coach retorts that he "doesn't want Glen in my house with his hands in my wife's icebox." Don't worry, Coach. Glen is so jittery I think it's safe to say his hands haven't been within five feet of any iceboxes in at least a year. Tami doesn't acknowledge her husband's ridiculous request. Coach continues, wanting to know why she didn't tell him that Julie and Matt broke up. Tami says they didn't and then Glen pipes up to say that "Yuh huh, they did. It's all over the school." Coach tells Tami to tell Glen to sit down and be quiet. Heh. I love Glen. Tami tells her husband she didn't know and then quietly accepts his bitchy insinuation that Julie's silence on the subject is a problem that she should have been tuned into.

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