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Dillon Panther football. Smash is getting interviewed and turning on his thousand-watt smile. He tells the press that the big difference this year is McGregor's emphasis on the running game, i.e., on Smash. He third-persons that "Smash is in the zone like never before." Matt looks on glumly. A teammate asks Matt to say something to Smash about his grandstanding, and Matt says he will.

Tim is still in the hospital. I guess he's been there all day long. Buddy Garrity comes in and signs him out. What is Buddy up to? We find out as we cut to the car ride home in which Buddy goes on and on about how McGregor is doing wrong by his players. Stuff about the hot, blazing sun, extra-long practices, et cetera. Tim interjects that he thinks he passed out not because he was overworked but because he was hungover. Buddy then pulls the car over, stops and looks Tim Riggins dead in the eye and instructs the boy to never say that again. Buddy has seen Tim Riggins play with a hangover many times, and he did so like a champ. Heh. Tim is so morally confused.

Matt catches up to Smash in the football field parking lot and tells him that some of the guys are mad because Smash is acting like he's the only player on the team. Smash is like, "Oh, some of the guys, huh?" Matt reminds Smash that they are both supposed to be leaders and they should act like it. Smash excuses himself, saying that it isn't his fault that McGregor is emphasizing the running game. Matt tells Smash he just needs to act like the captain, because "you are THE captain." Smash seizes on that and accuses Matt of being pissed just because McGregor made him the captain that year. Smash is frank. He tells Matt that he's loving all this. He's a senior, and this is his recruitment year. Matt's turn will come next year. Smash for President! He's pretty convincing in that scene.

Smash leaves Matt to chew his cud like he does, and Matt spots Julie getting into The Swede's van.

Tami knocks on Julie's door, bringing her a basket of clean laundry. First of all -- and let me just get this out there right now -- if you are sixteen years old and your MOM is still doing your laundry for you, well, you are...uh, lucky? One thing you are not, however, is my future child. Sorry, (imaginary) sweetie. Tami is laying it on thick, trying to "chat" with her daughter. Oh, I heard you broke up with Matt Saracen. Oh, who broke up with who? Oh, are you doing okay with that? Julie is not having any of this, giving only tight-lipped, bitchy replies and angrily flipping the flimsy pages of her textbook. (A textbook! OMG!) Tami tries to be all supportive and tells Julie that she can always talk to her. Julie says "thanks," and she looks sweet for a minute. That is until Grace starts crying, and Julie reveals herself to actually be evil incarnate. To her obviously at-wits-end, post-partum mother: "I think your baby is crying." "Your" baby. Holy shit, that is the coldest thing I have ever heard.

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