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Giddy Up

Tyra walks by Landry, who is sitting with a bunch of geeks. She can't help but look at him with a little smile on her face, and he notices.

Football practice. A slightly annoying scene where we just have to listen to Jason sunnily tease the players as they saunter onto the field -- a little "gentlemen!" here and little "cha cha cha!" there. McGregor comes over and seems to approve of Jason "Mr. Phil" Street's positive coaching approach and tells Jason they need Riggins to bring his best game on Friday, so could Jason go talk to Riggins to "pump him up?" Jason is pleased with himself that he seems to be making inroads with McGregor

Jason shows up at The Playgirl Ranch and calls loudly for Tim to come to the door. Inside, Tim is lounging with a beer and some TV and takes his time getting up. Jason tells him he was missed at practice, and Tim fake-furrows his brow and says that it was just doctor's orders. Jason wonders if the doctor prescribed the six-pack, and Tim breaks into a goofy grin (swoon) and says, "Naw, that was me." Jason shakes his head in disappointment. Tim asks if Jason is there as a friend or as a coach. Jason calls Tim a screw-up, and then Tim tells Jason that if he's going to choose, he should choose "friend" over "coach," because he makes a lousy coach. Jason gets pissed and tells him to clean up and show up to practice, and Tim yells after him sarcastically that the fire under his ass "has been LIT!!" Jason tells Tim to go to hell.

At the House of Latina Spitfires, a.k.a. The House that Rosie Perez Built (formerly known more simply as Matt's House), Matt calls awkwardly to "Car-Low-ta." He says he's noticed a trend where everyone in the house's laundry gets done except for his. Which means Carlotta is doing her own laundry and the laundry of her client. Not Matt's for whom she does not work. Seeing as he is sixteen and all. And should be doing his own laundry, GOD. CarLOWta wonders if Matt expects her to do laundry because she has brown skin. She explains that she is a nurse, that she came to America from Guatemala to study to be a nurse, and that she is not a maid. She is a nurse, Glen. There's also some forced "chemistry" here where Matt tries to "charm" CarLOWta but it's kind of grody so let's just not speak of it.

At the Landry household (what's his last name again?), we get to take a peek inside another perfectly art-directed lower middle class home. Landry's mom and dad are also exceptionally well cast. Landry's dad asks his son how school was and then tries to pry into his son's social life, wondering if he's making any new friends or meeting any girls now that he's on the football team. Landry stonewalls him and diverts his attention to some crackers he's unloading out of grocery bags. God, being part of a family is so embarrassing sometimes. His dad is effectively diverted by the crackers -- "Oh that is sin in a box" (did that line come off a little Fire Island to anyone else?) ["Now that you mention it, it does sound a bit Beverly Leslie." -- Joe R] -- but quickly lasers onto the only other thing besides Sex With Tyra that Landry really does not want to discuss: his murderous rampage. His dad asks him where his watch is, and Landry quickly lies that he just got it cleaned so it's in a drawer now. Dad simply notes that he's happy Landry is taking care of the family heirloom and that his grandfather will want to see him wearing it when he comes to visit in a few weeks. Grandpa's visit looms!

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