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TMU. Eric answers his cell phone, and it's Buddy on the other line. Buddy desperately wants to arrange a meeting with Eric. He won't tell him why because if he did, Eric wouldn't come. Eric notes the illogic of this proposal but then agrees to meet Buddy halfway between Dillon and Austin. Could this be the beginning of a new love triangle? Ew. Sorry.

Billy comes home to find Tim in the La-Z-Boy with a beer. He snipes at his brother: "Another productive day at the office, I see." Tim cuts to the chase: "Are you screwing Jackie?" Billy admits that they have been seeing one another and that it's actually pretty serious. Tim starts to storm off and Billy asks if he really thought they could have a relationship together. Tim turns to his brother and says "Why not?" Billy yells, "Cuz she's a 33-year-old woman and you're a 17-year-old kid. You can't even take care of yourself, how were you going to take care of her?" Tim stomps out of the house, obviously really hurt by Billy's pointing out of the obvious.

Tim does some drunken squinting at the road as he drives, and contemporary God rock starts fading in on the soundtrack. Cut to the interior of a megachurch where people are rocking out, Lyla included. She seems kind of lonely in there, worshipping among strangers. Tim wanders in, looking, yes, "lost." He finds his way to Lyla among the hundreds of clapping and singing people. She beams when she sees him and makes room for him to stand next to her. The preacher goes into a sermon about asking Jesus for forgiveness and being able to shed your past. He talks about immorality and how that can all be erased. Maybe Landry and Tyra could benefit from this kind of church. The camera ranges around on folks doing that raised palms thing, and the preacher talks about how "God is going to touch you tonight." Hey, remember when Timmy told all the football players that they were going to "touch God" on the field that season? Looks like he had it backwards. I guess I kind of liked it a little better when it was backwards. The scene continues with lots of church.

Matt and Smash are at work, Smash is just at the counter talking up a lady while Matt slaps some burgers together. Matt bitches at Smash to get to work, and Smash smarms back that he is working. Matt bitches some more, and Smash tells him they need to "get the healing on." Matt is not placated.

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Friday Night Lights




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