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Landry and Tyra are looking at watches. Tyra holds one up, and Landry says there is no resemblance at all between it and the Tell-Tale Watch. Tyra steps to the side and poses in a sort of melancholy loveliness. Landry tells her she doesn't need to respond to what he's about to say. He tells her that if the Tell-Tale Watch is found with the body, he'll be implicated and that he promises he won't drag her into it at all, that he'll do everything to keep her safe. Okay that's taking it to an extreme there, Landry. Your plan is to keep silent on the whole "manslaughter" thing, choosing to not inform anybody Tyra's key role as the originator of this whole dumb situation? Not to be outdone in the "taking it too far" department, Tyra responds by turning to Landry and saying, swear to God, "Well I figured I could always kill ya to keep you silent." What? The? Fuck? Landry tells her that the comment was creepy and they laugh.

Lyla is in her room wearing decidedly unChristian underwear. I don't think there is a square inch of sensible cotton on the girl; it's all lace and sex. Tim pushes open the door to her room, and she freaks and reaches for a robe. He's acting kind of drunk in this scene. She tries to shove him out of the room, and he asks her for two minutes. Then he says that something happened to him last night at church and that it's hard for him to understand the feeling. Lyla does the Smug Smile of the Convertor and takes hold of his hand. Tim continues, telling her that it allowed him to feel a part of something -- part of people, part of Lyla, part of God. He's scared of even saying any of this. Lyla hugs him. Anyone with eyes can see where this is heading. Tim asks if she felt it, too. She nods and says she always feels it. I guess the problem here is a difference between Tim's and Lyla's definitions of "it." As in, I don't think Lyla's "it" lives inside men's pants. Tim leans in and kisses Lyla on the mouth, and she shoves him back. She spits, "What are you doing?" and Tim responds with confusion, saying he doesn't know what he's doing, just that being with her makes him feel closer to God. It's a fucked-up enough sentiment that it gives me hope that we'll get a goodly number of episodes more of Timmy NOT being a Charley Church. Lyla can't believe what he just said "You feel closer to God when you're with me?! Did you think that line was gonna work on me?" She orders him out and he leaves. That was a great scene.

Buddy is telling Eric that McGregor is tearing the Panthers apart. Buddy is acting like a seventh grader, and it is awesome: "I think there's something wrong with that guy. He's MEAN!" Eric wonders if Buddy isn't just mad at McGregor for personal reasons. Buddy tells Eric that he could have his job back if he wants. Buddy is clearly harboring delusions because he says that he is not going to get rid of McGregor (as if he could) unless he knows Eric is coming back. But then Buddy pulls out all the stops and tells Eric that he has seen Tami, trying to be brave and strong, and he's seen Julie "walking around in things she shouldn't be wearing." I like that, that we can track the Taylor Family fortunes by the scandalousness of Julie's tube tops. Eric is fidgeting in his seat listening to this spiel. Buddy closes with a proposition: "If you could go back in time and make it so the TMU job never happened, would you?" Oh, TV Gods, why don't you give viewers such choices?

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