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Applebees. Tyra takes Mr. Landry's order (which, btw, is a "quesadilla burger." I can see Marge Simpson exclaiming now: "A quesadilla? And a burger? Now I've seen everything!") Mr. Landry asks Tyra if she is dating Landry. Tyra stutters and tells him she doesn't really know. Mr. Landry tells Tyra that he doesn't get it, she could date pretty much anyone she wants. "What do you want with my kid, Landry." Tyra does not say "an accomplice," instead telling Mr. Landry that his son is a wonderful guy, smart, and kind and caring and funny. She adds a little dig at the end, implying that Mr. Landry should stop thinking so lowly of his son, "You should know that, being his father and all." He absently says "thank you" as she walks away.

Friday night! Football! Pageantry and popcorn! Hooray! Every single time we get a pre-game montage I get chills all over again. We need more football. I never thought I'd say it, but I feel like there's so much that has gone unexplored having to do with the Panthers having won State and starting a new season. Slammin' Sammy voiceovers that the state champion Panthers are at the top of a mountain, and as everyone know the higher the mountain the farther the fall. We get a fair amount of establishing material about how this game is going to be all about Smash, then shots of the cheerleaders doing a Smash-specific cheer while Smash dances along with them. Matt just lurks and looks glum. Landry catches the eyes of his parents and of Tyra in the stands.

Kick off. The challenging Rattlers run the ball to the Panther 40 right away. Cut to Coach Taylor, who is listening to the game on the radio while driving toward the Panther field. I'm confused -- it doesn't seem like the weekends would be the time he gets to go home given the fact that college games generally happen on the weekend. The announcers talk about how McGregor needs to get a hold of this game if he wants to follow in Eric's footsteps. The game gets going and the Panthers make some progress. On the sidelines, Jason suggests some plays to McGregor who just brushes him off, "Not right now." Saracen is falling apart, bumbling and throwing interceptions. Smash yells at Matt to just put the ball in his hands. Matt is not receptive to his advice. Further along the sidelines, Jason suggests another play, and McGregor tells him that he doesn't have time to "take advice from the team mascot." Oooh, that is EVIL. Buddy was right, this guy is just downright mean! Jason stares after McGregor who is paying him no mind.

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