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Guilt And Redemption
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Jason and Tim are in Jason's presumably tricked-out red pick-up, making their way to a scrappy Mexican beach town while what I think is a song by '70s group Los Dug Dugs (more cowbell!) plays in the background. Jerky Spring Break/Impending Spinal Surgery Cam woozily follows them as they wander the streets. Tim trails Jason along the streets, asking him to slow his wheelchair down so that he can grab a beer out of its back pocket. Suhweet. Inside the Clinica Espinal a receptionist tells Jason that there's been a mix-up and the doctor is out of the office for a week. Jason is pissed, Tim tells his friend to calm down, the receptionist just hands Jason a card and tells him that they'll fit him in next week. "Fit him in"? For spinal surgery? Okay.

Game night, Dillon Panther Stadium. MacGregor is effing up; his running game (Smash) is going nowhere. In the stands, Grandma explains the game to Carlotta. On the field in the huddle, Matt wants to do a different play than the one Smash is calling. Smash is calling plays now? Smash insists that they stick to the script; Matt laconically notes that the other team obviously knows what to expect (a running play) and that Smash isn't getting anywhere without Tim Riggins there that night. I guess that little detail -- Tim's indispensability -- helps explain how Tim won't get kicked off the team after this little Mexico stunt. They try to run the ball again, Smash gets tackled, Panthers lose, Slammin' Sammy provides commentary, Buddy Garrity looks on with a smug grin.

Cut to MacGregor telling Buddy to stop pissing on his shoes and telling him it's raining. I guess Buddy is firing him. How did Buddy get his booster credibility back after the Drunken Barbecue incident? Buddy -- leaning back in his armchair, legs crossed, one loafered foot dangling in extreme evil relaxation -- tells MacGregor that they just decided to take the team in a new direction. MacGregor gravels "After two games? Two games?!" Buddy tells him they're paying him for the whole season and also offering a severance package. Buddy tries to shake hands but MacGregor declares, "There ain't no good will in this room."

At TMU, Taylor answers the phone up in the coach's sky box or whatever you call that place the assistant coaches watch the game from. Eric wants to know how Buddy got the number to the phone in there, and Buddy shrugs him off and says, "Listen. The eagle...has landed." Taylor is like "wha?" Heh. Buddy tells Eric, "It's a done deal, we fired him this morning." And so Dillon's time without Coach Taylor's hair appears to be coming to an end.

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