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Guilt And Redemption

Tami is at home reading a book when Julie comes in quietly. Tami asks her how her night was and Julie turns toward her in tears. Tami gets up and asks what happens, whether she's all right. Julie doesn't answer, but just lets her mom wrap her in a big hug.

And now for the best scene of the episode that is incredibly, incredibly difficult to watch. Jason and Tim are in a bar, taking a shot together in celebration. Jason wants another round immediately, and says to Tim, "To walkin'." Tim replies: "To runnin'" and then we cut to a little bit later when the bar has started with the karaoke. Jason is up near the stage, dancing around in his chair. Tim is looking on with a smile. Jason swigs beer and sings along. Cut to a little later, and then a little later, until finally Jason is on the mic. He's got the microphone in one gnarled hand, a beer pressed between that gnarled hand and the other. We move into fun, drunk time, both Jason and Tim doing some singing and smiling and clinking glasses with anyone in their vicinity. But then La Cucaracha sounds in the background, and we cut to a shot of Jason pouring tequila into his mouth. He slumps in front of the microphone, singing along and then making up his own lyrics: "I'm gonna walk-a / I'm gonna walk-a / I'm gonna get outta my chair." Lord, am I dying at this point for some Drunk Cam. This whole scene is shot with an extremely clear eye, and it turns that clear eye on someone getting really sadly drunk; no distancing swirling or blurring camera tricks. It is seriously hard for me to watch. And for Tim, as well. (Soul mates! Call me, Timmy!) Because the drunker Jason gets, the more concerned Tim starts to look. By the time Jason starts slurring about walking away from Dillon, and responds to the crowd's cheers by insisting that he's "serious, I'm serious!" and then singing some more "Ima get-a shot-a / get-a shot-a / right up in my spine..." Tim is looking really worried. Jason keeps slurring into the microphone, saying to the crowd that they don't know what he's saying but they believe him. He asks Timmy if he believes, and Tim hesitantly raises his beer toward his friend.

Tyra's mom knocks on her bedroom door to tell her that the police just called and want to see them down at the station. Looks like someone thought Tyra's pants have remained entirely too clean this episode! Tyra insists she doesn't know what it could be about. Down at the station, an officer goes slowly, telling her that they pulled a body from the river and they need to ask her some questions. Tyra is playing it real cool. She stays silent until the man shows her a picture and Tyra confirms that it's the guy that tried to rape her. Her mom is immediately emotional, never having heard of the incident before. Then the officer thanks Tyra for her help. Through tears and streaking black mascara, Tyra asks if that's it, and they officer confirms it is. She sort of laughs to herself and hugs her mom as the officer tells her that case (her assault) is closed. Before she leaves the room, though, Landry's dad walks by and catches sight of her. He looks suspicious and I would be, too. Something's not right with Tyra.

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Friday Night Lights




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